7.2.1 To install the Security Proxy WHEN you install the MSS Administrative Server

Using this option, the MSS automated installer (and Configuration Utility) automatically installs, configures, and activates the Security Proxy. This approach saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Be sure the Security Proxy Add-On activation file is available for download. (A separate license is required.)

  1. Download the Security Proxy Add-On activation file, activation.security_proxy-12.7.n.jaw, and note the location.

  2. Place the security proxy activation file in the same folder as the MSS automated installer.

    In this example, the Host Access for the Cloud activation file is also installed.

  3. Run the MSS installer for your platform. During installation, be sure BOTH boxes are checked:

    [ ] Host Access Management and Security Server

    [ ] Security Proxy Server

  4. When prompted, run the Initial Configuration Utility.

    This utility generates cryptographic keys and self-signed certificates, automates configuration, and sets a port value for the Security Proxy.

    The automated installer also places the activation file in the installation directory:


    The Security Proxy is now installed, activated, and configured.

  5. To view or change the configuration, open the Security Proxy Wizard from the Start menu.

    For details, see Using the Security Proxy Server - Configure and Start the Security Proxy Server (in the MSS Administrator Guide).