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SAML Authentication

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an XML-based open standard format that exchanges authentication and authorization data between an identity provider* and a service provider**.

This release supports SAML v2.0 Web Browser SSO Profile for Host Access for the Cloud 2.4 or higher.

Overview of steps

Configuring MSS to use SAML is a multi-step process. In general, you must:

Configure MSS as a SAML service provider.

Download or access the service provider’s metadata from MSS.

Export the service provider’s metadata into the identity provider.

Map the identifier source.

Configure the SAML whitelist.

Configure LDAP, when used for authorization.

* identity provider: the server that issues SAML assertions and performs authentication on behalf of the service provider.

** service provider: the web server from which you access information or services. MSS acts as the service provider.

Detailed steps

Follow the SAML Configuration steps.