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Administer Shared Client Certificate

A client certificate is used to identify users connecting to the Security Proxy or to a TLS host when client authentication is required. If all users share the same client certificate, the Administrative Server can automatically distribute it to the Reflection for the Web emulator clients when needed.

If a server certificate and private key already exist, the imported key pair will overwrite them.

To import the key pair:

  1. Copy the file containing the certificate and the private key into this folder on the Management and Security Server:

    UNIX: /var/opt/microfocus/mss/mssdata/certificates

    Windows: C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\MSS\MSSData\Certificates

  2. Enter the required information.

    Keystore file name: the file that contains the certificate

    Keystore password: that protects the file that contains the certificate

    Friendly name: so you can easily identify the certificate

3, Click IMPORT.