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Change administrator password

Each time you log on to Management and Security Server as an administrator, you enter a password, which opens the Administrative Console:


To change the administrative password, you can either

  • use the Administrative Console (Configure Settings - General Security).
  • run the Password Change Utility.

Running the Password Change Utility

The password change utility allows you to re-set the administrative password without needing to log in to the Administrative Server.

To change the password:

  1. Choose an option to run the installed PasswordChangeUtility.

    • On Windows: Run the utility from the install location:

      [MssServerInstall] ...\MSS\utilities\bin\PasswordChangeUtility.exe

    • On UNIX or Linux: Run the utility from

      … /mss/utilities/bin/PasswordChangeUtility

    • On a command line: run the utility in command line mode (-c)

  2. Follow the prompts to change and save the password.

  3. Restart the MSS Server.