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Terminal ID Manager

Terminal ID Manager is an MSS Add-on product that enables you to conserve terminal ID resources by providing IDs to client applications at runtime.

In addition to setting up Terminal ID Manager in the MSS Administrative Console, further configuration must be done in the Terminal ID Manager Console to set up and manage terminal IDs.

Refer to the Terminal ID Manager Guide for the complete set of configuration steps.

Use the options on this panel to set the location of the Terminal ID Manager server.

Enable Terminal ID Manager

On the machine where Management and Security Server is installed, open the Administrative Console to Configure Settings - Terminal ID Manager.


To access the Terminal ID Manager configuration panel in the Administrative Console, you must install the Terminal ID Manager activation file on the same machine -- even if you installed Terminal ID Manager on a separate machine.

  1. Check Enable Terminal ID Manager, and enter the server information.

    If you do not see the Enable check box, the Terminal ID Manager activation file is not installed. To install:.

    a. In the MSS Administrative Console, open About > Activated Products.

    b. Click ACTIVATE NEW, and upload activation.terminal_id_manager-12.8.<n>.jaw from your download location.

  2. Enter the Web server name.

    You can use a full server name or the full IP address.

  3. Enter the Web server port of the server where Terminal ID Manager was installed.

    During an automated installation, the default port is 443 for HTTPS.

  4. Note the Servlet context. The default is tidm.

    This entry is used in the URL that accesses the Terminal ID Manager server.

Open the Terminal ID Manager Console

Click the Server URL to open the Terminal ID Manager Console. You will be prompted for the administrator login.


You can also open the Terminal ID Manager from the Start menu.

Use the Terminal ID Manager Console to define the server settings and to configure pools to manage terminal IDs. Open Help for assistance.

At first, you may notice a red server status: Server database not yet configured. If so, you need to set up the database. Follow the steps in the Terminal ID Manager Console Help.

Once the database is configured, the status changes to green: Server database available, and you can continue configuring your Terminal ID Manager.

To complete the configuration, use the Terminal ID Manager Guide.