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Log File Viewer Reports

To view a Log File Viewer Report, make your selections, and click SHOW REPORT. The Log File Viewer Report includes information about users' session activity and administrators' configuration activity.

You can change the level of information to be logged on the Logging tab in the Settings tool.


Choose the type of report and the type of information you want to view.

Report type

  • Management server - User activity: information about all users' session activities.

  • Management server - System configuration activity: information about administrators' configuration activities.

  • Credential store activity: information on the credential store, including who has attempted to access the credential store.

Message type

At least one of these options must be selected for a report to appear.

  • Info: includes Informational messages
  • Error: includes all Error messages

Sort field

Select Date or User to determine how the information in the report will be sorted.

Show Report

Click SHOW REPORT to view the activity for the criteria you specified.

In the Log File Viewer Report:

  • Date: The date of the activity
  • Type: Informational or Error
  • User: The login ID of the user or administrator
  • Message: A detailed description of the event.

Events described in these reports include logging on and off, logon failure messages, terminal session requests, terminal sessions created, settings changed, and reports requested.