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Stores located in server/etc

The keystores in %ProgramFiles%/Micro Focus/MSS/server/etc are described in the table below.

To change the password for the keystore:

  1. Edit the password in MSS/server/conf/product-core-ctx.xml

  2. Update the keystore’s password property, listed in the table.

Stores in server/etc

KeystoreFunction, Configuration location, Password property
  • Credential store for Tomcat HTTPS, all three ports
  • Created at startup
  • Used for the embedded web servers (Tomcat)
  • Configuration location: /MSS/server/services/servletengine-tomcat/META-INF/service.ctx.xml
  • Property to change password: servletengine.ssl.keyStorePassword
  • Trust store for Tomcat HTTPS trusted subsystem port
  • Created at startup
  • Used for the Trusted Subsystem (X.509 authentication and Clustering)
  • Configuration location: /MSS/server/services/servletengine-tomcat/META-INF/service-ctx.xml
  • Property to change password: management.server.client.ssl.trustStorePassword
  • Used internally for signing and encryption
  • Created at startup
  • Note: If this store is modified or deleted, certain properties may need to be manually re-encrypted by re-entering them in the Administrative Console
  • Configuration location: /MSS/server/conf/product-core-ctx.xml
  • Property to change password: cluster.key-store-password