Automated Sign-On

Automated Sign-On enables an end user to automatically log on to a host application using a Micro Focus terminal emulation client. A separate license and additional configuration is required.

Settings must be configured in different locations:

  • Management and Security Server (MSS) — to enable the service, secure the server connections, and manage user access
  • the terminal emulation client — to create the login macro and configure the client
  • the host — to support the use of one-time passwords

Be sure to configure the settings for your host type. Others steps are required before enabling Automated Sign-On.

To enable Automated Sign-On

Check the box to enable the Automated Sign-On settings for your host type.

If the check box is not visible or is disabled, the activation file needs to be installed. See Install an Activation File for an Additional Product.

Enable Automated Sign-On for Mainframe (for z/OS systems)

Enable MSS Automated Sign-On for Host Access


An LDAP directory is required to authorize Automated Sign-On capabilities for sessions.

Configure the settings for your host type