Configure the Client and Host Settings

In addition to the settings in MSS, your emulation client and host must be configured for Automated Sign-On. Then, you can assign those sessions to users.

Configure the client

Your emulator client session needs:

  • Centralized Management
  • a recorded login macro

See your client's product documentation for details. See also the technical reference, Configuring MSS Automated Sign-On for Host Access.

Configure the host

Your host needs to be configured to support the use of one-time password requests.

  • For z/OS systems, see the Configuration Workflow in the Automated Sign-on for Mainframe - Administrator Guide.

  • For other host systems, work with your Micro Focus sales representative to get more information about the MSS Automated Sign-On for Host Access (ASO) protocol you must implement on your specific host system.

    The host must be adapted to

    • use mutual TLS to communicate with the ASO service
    • process one-time passwords issued by users during logon and validate them with the ASO service

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