You can migrate your data from an existing install4j deployment to a new container-based deployment.

How can I migrate my data?

Use the provided migration tool to export data from your previous installation into a zip file. Then import the data into the new installation. See the detailed steps.

What data can I migrate?

Data that IS migrated by the tool Data that is NOT migrated
session configurations activation files
session assignments kerberos settings
metering configuration metering report data
authentication configuration security proxy configuration
HACloud user preferences passwords
TIDM database
session server extensions


Passwords are not migrated. For example the MSS Admin password will remain the same before and after migration.

What's required?

  • The existing data must be on a current major release of your product: MSS 12.8+, HACloud 2.7+, or RWeb 13.2+.
  • OS administrative privileges to run the migration tool.
  • A new single-node installation to import the data.

Detailed Migration Steps

To migrate your existing data:

  1. In the new installation, open Administrative Console > Configure Settings > Migration.

  2. Download the appropriate migration utility for your platform (Windows or Linux).

  3. Run the utility as Administrator (Windows) or sudo/root (Linux) on the previous installation:

    a. Open a command prompt or terminal.

    b. Navigate to the installation directory of your previous installation. The default paths are:

    • Windows C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\

    • Linux /usr/local/microfocus/ or /opt/microfocus/

    c. Run the utility. For example, on Windows:

    migration tool

    The result is a zip file that contains data from MSS, HACloud, and RWeb, depending on what was installed.

    d. Save the zip file to a location that is navigable from the new installation.

  4. Return to Admin Console > Configure Settings > Migration and click Import. Navigate to and click your saved zip file.

    When successful, you'll see this message: "Settings Imported. Please redeploy the MSS server now."

  5. After importing the data, you must redeploy the MSS server.

    a. In the MSS Administrative Console, open Cluster Management from the top left drop-down menu.

    b. Open Services and locate mss-mss-server.

    c. On the far right, click ellipsis Redeploy All.

    d. Wait for the service to redeploy. Then refresh your browser. (Or, click Administrative Console in the drop-down menu.)

    You will be prompted to log in again.

When complete, check to be sure the supported data was migrated, and that users can launch their sessions.