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Chapter 1: Overview

Congratulations on your choice of NetExpress, the most productive tool for developing distributed applications. NetExpress is a complete, integrated development environment for Internet applications. You can create Web forms, and generate a complete working program to handle them. Then you simply add your business logic to the program. You can also generate a complete Web application from an existing application.

NetExpress has all the tools and facilities to create, develop, build and test Web applications. It even includes a personal Web server.

You can also use NetExpress for developing distributed applications that have a Windows user interface.

NetExpress also enables you to use new component-based technologies like Microsoft's COM/DCOM and ActiveX, OMG's CORBA-based technologies, and Sun Microsystems' Java Beans to build enterprise components.

In this book, we will generally simply say "Windows" as an abbreviation for Windows 95, Windows 98, and/or Windows NT 4.0.

Apart from this Getting Started book, all the documentation is online only. You get to it from the Windows Start menu, or from NetExpress's Help menu. This Getting Started book is both online and in printed book form. All necessary instructions for installing NetExpress are displayed by the installation utility, Setup.

Let's start with a brief description of the major parts of NetExpress. Once you're familiar with these you will be ready to start using NetExpress. The chapters Using NetExpress onward are a tutorial that takes you through all the major parts:

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