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BACKGROUND-COLOR clause Language Reference9.1.1.3
Backing up File Handling12.3
        in On-line Help file Character UIs11.5
        automatic Fileshare User Guide4.5
Backup mode File Handling12.4.2
/backup option Fileshare User Guide4.6.4
BADSIGNS Migration Cookbook3.1.1.6 ,
Banner Migration Cookbook2.1
Base Animator Migration Cookbook2.1
BASIS mechanism Language Reference18.3
        statements Language Reference18.3
BASIS statement Language Reference18.3.1
Batch version
        Data File Converter File Handling11.1.1.1
BEEP Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
BEEP-EOF configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.5
BEEP-EOS configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.5
BEEP-INVALID configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.5
BEFORE phrase Language Reference13.1.12 , 16.1.13
Bell Character UIs6.5
BELL clause Language Reference9.1.1.4
Benefits of client/server architecture Solutions Guide2.1.2
Beta version compatibility Dialog System Character16.2
bigint data type Database Access3.2.4
BINARY Language Reference2.6.4 ,
Binary data in SQL Migration Cookbook7.1
binary data type Database Access3.7
        DB2 Database Access9.9
Bitmap Dialog System User GuideCh23 , 23.2
Migration Cookbook5.1
        256-color Dialog System User GuideCh16
        for push buttons Dialog System User Guide5.1.2.1
        handle Dialog System User Guide23.2
BITMAP-EVENT Dialog System User Guide23.2
        defining Dialog System User Guide5.5.1
        using Dialog System User Guide5.5
BLANK clause Language Reference9.1.1.5
Blank lines Language Reference3.10.1.3
BLANK WHEN ZERO clause Language Reference8.1.1.1 , ,
BLINK clause Language Reference9.1.1.7
        copy from Dialog System Character6.1.3
        copy to Dialog System Character6.2.7
        cut to Dialog System Character6.2.6
        move Dialog System Character6.1.1
        paste Dialog System Character6.1.2
        restore Dialog System Character6.2.8
        stack Dialog System Character6.1.4
BLOCK CONTAINS clause Language Reference8.1.1.3
Block menu Dialog System Character6.1
        working with Dialog System Character6.1
Body group presentation LR - Additional Topics1.4.12.8
Bookmark menu in HyHelp Character UIs9.2.2.1
        in HyHelp Character UIs9.2.2.1
Books Getting StartedCh3
        finding your way around Getting StartedCh3
BOOTP UNIX Option User GuideA.2.3
Border Dialog System User Guide4.2
        panel Dialog System Character6.2.9.3
BOXED phrase Character UIs7.2.1
BP Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
BPD Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
BPE Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
BPR Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
BRANCH-TO-PROCEDURE Dialog System User Guide6.1.3.3 , 6.3.6 , 17.2.2
BROWSE Migration Cookbook6.2
Browse chains in HyHelp Character UIs9.2.3.2 ,
Browse file Dialog System Character3.
        generate Dialog System Character11.2.6
BROWSE mode cursors Migration Cookbook7.1
        OO Migration Cookbook2.3.1.7
Browser for the Web
        what to use Getting StartedCh2
Btrieve File HandlingCh8
        ANSI conformance File Handling8.6
        BTRMAXREC File Handling8.3.2
        BTRPAGE File Handling8.3.1
        CALLFH Compiler directive File Handling8.2.1
        calling xfh2btr File Handling8.2
        configuration File Handling8.4
        CRP File Handling8.5.5
        environment variables File Handling8.3
        error messages File Handling8.7
        file open mode File Handling8.4.3
        FILETYPE Compiler directive File Handling8.2.2
        keys File Handling8.5.1
        locked record detection File Handling8.5.2
        maximum record size File Handling8.4.2
        OPEN OUTPUT File Handling8.5.3
        page size File Handling8.4.1
        READ after DELETE File Handling8.5.5.2
        READ after REWRITE File Handling8.5.5.3
        READ after WRITE File Handling8.5.5.1
        record lengths File Handling8.5.4
        trace option File Handling8.4.5
        transaction processing File Handling8.5.6
        WRITELOCK Compiler directive File Handling8.5.7
        Xfh2btr File Handling8.1
Btrieve interface Getting StartedB.1.1.1
BTRMAXREC environment variable File Handling8.3.2
BTRPAGE environment variable File Handling8.3.1
Buffers Communications2.2 , 2.5.1 , 2.11.7 , 2.11.7
        postbuild commands UNIX Option User Guide3.2.1.3
        prebuild commands UNIX Option User Guide3.2.1.3
Build area
        locking UNIX Option User Guide3.2.3
        troubleshooting UNIX Option User Guide7.2.3
Build options
        setting for servers UNIX Option User Guide3.2.5
        setting for specific project UNIX Option User Guide3.1.2
Build utility Migration Cookbook2.3.1.4
Building Migration Cookbook1.1.1
        CGI program Internet Applications4.4.1
        ISAPI Internet Applications8.2.3
        NSAPI Internet Applications8.2.3
        server-side program Internet Applications4.4.1
Building a project Getting Started5.2.3
        basic tutorial Getting StartedCh5
Building an application Database Access7.6
Getting Started9.3.2
        using the Internet Application Wizard Database Access1.3.1
Building Dialog System applications Migration Cookbook8.2
Building the example application Solutions Guide4.
        adding to a form Getting Started8.3.3
        close Getting StartedA.1
        maximum Getting StartedA.1
        minimize Getting StartedA.1
        on window Getting StartedA.1
        restore Getting StartedA.1
BUTTON-SELECTED Dialog System User Guide6.3.3 , 17.1.1 , 17.2.1 , 17.3.1
Byte-storage mode Language Reference2.6.4.2
Byte-stream I/O calls Fileshare User Guide6.7

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