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VAL Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
VAL-ERROR Dialog System User Guide6.3.5 , 17.1.1
VALIDATE Dialog System User Guide6.3.5 , 17.1.1
Validate function Dialog System Character9.1
validate.cpt file Internet Applications11.3
Validating an indexed file File Handling10.7
Validation Dialog System Character4.1 , 4.1.7 , 22.11
Dialog System User Guide3.1.1
Internet Applications6.3.1 , 10.1 , 10.3.2 , Ch11
        adding Internet Applications11.3
        built-in routines Internet Applications11.1
        check digit Dialog System Character4.1.7.3
        criteria Dialog System User Guide3.2.7.1
        date Dialog System Character4.1.7.4
Dialog System User Guide3.2.7.1
        defining Dialog System Character22.3
        delete Dialog System Character4.
        delete all Dialog System Character4.1.7.1
        entry fields Dialog System User Guide17.1.1
        event handler Internet Applications11.3
        examples Internet Applications11.2
        invoking Internet Applications11.2
        menu Dialog System Character4.1.7
        message panel Dialog System Character17.2
        messages Dialog System Character17.1 , 22.3
        null Dialog System Character4.1.7.5
Dialog System User Guide3.2.7.1
        prompt Internet Applications11.1 , 11.1
        range/table Dialog System Character4.1.7.2
Dialog System User Guide3.2.7.1
        true/false Dialog System Character4.
        user Dialog System User Guide3.2.7.1
Validation code
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.2
Validation details
        define Dialog System Character4.1.7
Validation errors
        cancelling Dialog System User GuideCh16
Value Internet Applications7.3
VALUE clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.24
Language Reference8.1.1.25 ,
VALUE OF clause Language Reference8.1.1.26 ,
VALUE OF FILE-ID clause Language Reference6.1.3.1 , 7.1.3 ,
varbinary data type Database Access3.7
Varchar data type Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
varchar data type Database Access3.3.2
Variable format Language Reference8.1.1.17
Variable length files
        changing record length File Handling12.9.6
Variable length records Language Reference8.1.1.17
variable length records Language Reference14.1.1
Variable, conditional Language Reference16.1.3
Variable-length records
        conversion utility File Handling11.2
        host arrays Database Access2.2
        host variables Database AccessCh2
        indicator variables Database Access2.3.1
VARIANCE function Language Reference11.9.54
        Data types Distributed Computing5.4.2
        data structures Distributed Computing5.4.1
        example Distributed Computing5.4.2
Variant data type Distributed Computing5.4
VARIANT-VARTYPE Distributed Computing5.4.2
VARIANT-vartype field Distributed Computing5.4
        SafeArrays Distributed Computing5.5.4
VARYING phrase Language Reference15.1.1
        server settings UNIX Option User Guide3.2.4
        source code UNIX Option User Guide3.2.7
        mfserver Communications2.8
Version Control Migration Cookbook2.3.1.28 ,
Version control Fileshare User Guide4.4
Version number
        in tutorial Getting Started4.2
VERSION On-line Help Builder directive Character UIsCh12
        positioning LR - Additional Topics1.1.1.1 , 1.2.3
        spacing LR - Additional Topics1.1.1.1
View parameters
        trace menu Dialog System Character10.2.1.5
        columns in list Getting StartedA.6
        data file formatted Getting Started6.3.7
        data file in hexadecimal Getting Started6.3.8
        data file properties Getting Started6.3.2
        data file unformatted Getting Started6.3.2
        file extensions Getting StartedA.5
        folders Getting StartedA.2
Virtual attribute group definition menu Dialog System Character8.2.3
Virtual attributes Dialog System Character22.7
Virtual Colormaps Migration Cookbook3.1.1.4
Virtual file handler Fileshare User Guide6.4
Virtual memory Migration Cookbook2.3.1.42
Virtual text Dialog System Character22.6
        extraction Dialog System Character17.8
Virtual text group definition menu Dialog System Character8.2.3
Virtual text/attribute Dialog System Character8.2.3
VirtualWindows Migration Cookbook5.1
Visual Object COBOL V1.0
        migration overview Migration Cookbook1.1.5
Visual SourceSafe Solutions Guide2.2.2
VRECGEN utility File Handling11.2
        installing File Handling11.2.1
        running File Handling11.2.2
vrecgen.cbl File Handling11.2
VRECGEN2 utility File Handling11.3
        installing File Handling11.3.1
        running File Handling11.3.2
vrecgen2.cbl File Handling11.3.1
VS COBOL II Language Reference1.1
VSAM ES file
        creating records File Handling12.6.4
VSC2 Migration Cookbook6.4
VSC21 Migration Cookbook6.5.1
VSC22 Migration Cookbook6.5.1
VSC23 Migration Cookbook6.5.1
VSC24 Migration Cookbook6.5.1
VT_DISPATCH Distributed Computing5.3

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