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Appendix C: Compatibility With Previous Versions of the UNIX Option

This chapter discusses the compatibility between the UNIX Option provided on NetExpress Version 3, and that provided on NetExpress Version 2. In the following sections the phrase "old UNIX Option" refers to the UNIX Option provided on NetExpress V2.0; the phrase "new UNIX Option" refers to the UNIX Option provided on NetExpress V3.0

C.1 Saved Settings

The UNIX Option settings are stored in the NetExpress project file. The format in which these settings are stored has been updated for NetExpress V3.0. Except in the case of file mapings, the old UNIX Option settings are automatically converted to the format for the new UNIX Option, and default values assigned, whenever changes are made to the UNIX Option settings.

The old UNIX Option had no concept of filetypes and transferred everything as binary. Therefore, when an old filemap is loaded all files are assigned a binary type rather than the normal new UNIX Option default of text.

C.2 Restrictions

The old UNIX Option did not separate the saved data into server-specific and project specific-sections. This has the following impacts.

C.3 Client/Server Compatibility

The client/server protocol used by the old UNIX Option has been updated for the new UNIX Option. This includes both functionality enhancements and significant performance improvements. The protocol stream includes version checking which enables newer components on one platform to inter-operate with older components on another.

If you have a NetExpress V2.0 client publishing to a server that has a new NetExpress V3.0 SCP program installed, there are no compatibility problems.

If you have a NetExpress V3.0 client publishing to a server that has an old NetExpress V2.0 SCP program installed, you should be aware of the following limitations:

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