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Chapter 15: Ohbld Error Messages

This chapter lists the error messages issued by the On-line Help Builder.

The On-line Help Builder issues error messages with the following severity levels:

The severity level is indicated by the last letter of the error message number.

You can disable reporting of warnings using the WARNING directive.

When the On-line Help Builder has finished, the total number of errors in each category is output.

OHB001F Illegal command line
OHB002F Failed to open source file source-filename
OHB003E Unknown Ohbld directive
OHB005E Failed to open /DEFINE file def-filename
OHB006E Failed to open /CPY file cpy-filename
OHB007E Failed to open /LIST file list-filename
OHB011E Heading tag or .context expected
OHB012W .title has no text
OHB013W More than one .title specified. The first one will be used
OHB016E Unknown parameter
OHB017E This tag is only valid at the start of the source
OHB020W Duplicate .define - ignored
OHB021E Local context name expected after .define
OHB022W .define context name too long. Truncated to 32 characters
OHB023E .define name has no context number
OHB030E Context name context-name is already defined
OHB031E Context no. reserved for topic-name is used by another topic
OHB032W Topic has more than one context number
OHB034E Topic has too many context names
OHB035E Topic has no context number
OHB036W Heading level is wrong
OHB040E Hotspot has no text
OHB042E Illegal reference
OHB043E source-filename line line-no: local context context-name undefined
OHB050W Context name truncated to 32 characters
OHB051E In a single pass, context numbers may only be reserved at start
OHB063W .topic has no text
OHB064E Topic is too large
OHB065F End of source, no topics found
OHB066W Title text is too long. Truncated to 80 characters
OHB067W Topic size exceeds 32K. It will not be compressed
OHB070E Illegal browse chain id
OHB071E .browse local context expected
OHB090E .command must immediately follow context
OHB091E Tag is illegal in a command topic
OHB093E Tag is only allowed in a command topic
OHB095E Command has no text
OHB102E ..index has no text
OHB111W Attribute found in hotspot text
OHB113W :ehp tag is incorrect
OHB132W List item is not inside a list
OHB136E End of list tag is invalid
OHB137E End of list tag expected
OHB138W definition tag expected
OHB139W defn list term expected
OHB140W Line truncated to 76 characters
OHB142W :ecgraphic or :elines expected
OHB150W Boolean variable variable-name is undefined
OHB153E Unknown boolean operator
OHB155E Boolean variable expected
OHB156E $if at line line-no has no $end.
OHB160W Full stop ('.') expected after tag
OHB161E .br only allowed in text
OHB170E :i2 refid index-entry is not defined in an :i1 entry
OHB171W Index text too long. Truncated to 80 characters
OHB172W Too many index items
OHB200W Failed to open text file
OHB201W Artlink expected
OHB202W Invalid item in artlink file
OHB203W Artwork missing
OHB204W Unknown tag
OHB205W Invalid token
OHB206W Too many browse chains
OHB212F Files limit exceeded
OHB213F Boolean limit exceeded
OHB214F i1 tag limit exceeded
OHB215F i2 tag limit exceeded
OHB216F Macro limit exceeded
OHB217F Globals limit exceeded
OHB218F Restable limit exceeded
OHB219F Topic control limit exceeded
OHB220F Topic text limit exceeded
OHB221F HNF file size limit exceeded
OHB222F Local topic limit exceeded
OHB223F im limit exceeded
OHB224F Browse limit exceeded
OHB225F Topic start limit exceeded
OHB226W Line length limit exceeded

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