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Chapter 10: Overview of Working with Data Files

This chapter provides an introduction to the tools that Net Express provides to help you create and maintain application data files on your PC.

The chapter provides information on:

10.1 Introduction

Net Express offers the following tools to help you create, maintain and convert data files:

Collectively, these tools are referred to as the Data Tools. For an introduction to using the Data Tools, we recommend that you work through the chapter Maintaining and Creating Data Files in your Getting Started.

For detailed instructions on using the Data Tools, see the help provided in the Net Express online help. (Click Help Topics on the Help menu. Then, on the Contents tab, double-click Development Environment, Working with Data Files.)

Note: You cannot use the Data Tools with Btrieve files.

10.2 Configuring the Data Tools

Net Express provides general settings that let you control the way that the Data Tools behave. To change or view the settings, click DataTools on the Options menu.

You can:

For information on settings that affect the Data File Editor specifically, see the section Configuring the Data File Editor in the chapter Editing Data Files.

10.3 Configuring Codesets

Using the Codecomp utility, you can create customized mapping tables for EBCDIC/ANSI character set translation. Net Express has built-in support for a number of character sets. For more information, see the Net Express online help. (Click Help Topics on the Help menu. Then, on the Index tab, search for codecomp.)

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