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Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter provides an overview of file handling.

1.1 Overview

One of the main facilities that COBOL has to offer as a programming language is built-in file handling capabilities. Files of sequential, relative and indexed organization can be handled using simple COBOL syntax.

In addition, Micro Focus COBOL offers the following file handling features:

File Handling Feature
Use to...
Line sequential file organization Access ASCII text files from your COBOL program
A set of COBOL system library routines Manipulate files and directories
A set of COBOL system library routines Handle files at the byte level
A conversion module Read from and write to Btrieve files
Fileshare Access groups of files on network servers

1.2 Micro Focus File Handler

The Micro Focus File Handler, by default, performs all COBOL I/O operations on all the standard COBOL file organizations: sequential, relative and indexed files. In addition, you can use the File Handler's Applications Programming Interface (API) to call the File Handler directly from your COBOL program.

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