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Appendix D: Configuring Your Web Server

You need Web server software to test your Web applications. We recommend you use Solo, which is supplied with Net Express. It needs no configuration - it is configured automatically as shown below, and if you use it you can regard this appendix as background information. If you use any other Web server software, you must configure it yourself as shown below.

You need two Web shares set up on your Web server, pointing into the project directory where your application is. One points to the project directory itself, and one to a subdirectory known as the project build directory. When Solo starts, it automatically sets up these two Web shares, pointing into the directory for the project most recently loaded in Net Express. If you use any other Web server, you must set them up yourself.

The project build directory is created automatically when you create a project. As you've already seen, when tools such as Form Designer create files they store them automatically in the appropriate directory.

The two Web shares are:

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