Getting Started


Table of Contents

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+ sign, in tree view  A.4
- sign, in tree view  A.4
64-bit file addressing  B.1.1.23


ACCEPT/DISPLAY, extended  7.2
Accessing a database, what to use  Ch1
Acrobat  Ch3
Add Files to Project, dialog box  A.2
Adding controls  12.3.4
Adding controls to a form  8.3.3
Adis  B.2.1.5
Adobe Acrobat  Ch3
Animating  5.2.5
        basic tutorial  Ch5
        examining data  5.2.5
        what to use  Ch1
animating  Ch5
Animating a Web application  9.3.4
Animation  5.2.4
Animation commands
        Run Thru  5.2.5
        Run to Cursor  5.2.5
        Step  5.2.5
        converting  6.3.13
        Data File Editor  6.3.14
.app file  5.1.1
Application for database access, creating  11.3.1
Application Output window
        hide not close  5.3
        hiding  5.3
Arranging, columns in list  A.6
Associated master field  12.3.4
Associated program
        basic tutorial  Ch13
        editing  13.3.1 , 13.3.1
Asterisk, to expand tree  6.3.5
Asymmetric  7.2.2


Books  Ch3
        finding your way around  Ch3
Browser for the Web, what to use  Ch2
Btrieve interface  B.1.1.1
Building a project  5.2.3
        basic tutorial  Ch5
Building an application  9.3.2
        adding to a form  8.3.3
        close  A.1
        maximum  A.1
        minimize  A.1
        on window  A.1
        restore  A.1


Callable File Handler  B.1.1.2
Callable Rebuild  B.1.1.3
Callable Sort  B.1.1.4
Case, in tutorial  4.2
Cbllink  B.1.1.5
CGI program  ApC
CGI Support  B.1.1.9
Changing, folder  A.2
Character set
        converting  6.3.13
        Data File Editor  6.3.14
Character-mode  ApC
Checking portability, in UNIX Option  14.3.2
Class Browser  B.1.1.16
Class Library  B.1.1.16
Class Wizard  B.1.1.19
Clicking, in tutorial  4.2
Clicking a cross-reference  4.3
Client  ApC
Client/server  ApC
Client/Server Bindings  B.1.1.6
Close button  A.1
        a project  5.3
        a window  5.3
        can't close Application Output window  5.3
        Net Express  5.3
        Output window  5.3
COBOL Syntax, getting help  Ch3
COBOL System Library Routines  B.1.1.7
COBSQL  B.2.1.1
Column  11.1.1
Columns in list, rearranging  A.6
Command prompt  B.1.1.8
Comments, in Dialog System
Common Gateway Interface  B.1.1.9
Communication across networks  B.1.1.6
Compiling, what to use  Ch1
Conditional record layout  6.3.5
Configuring a Web server  ApD
Configuring the IDE  5.2.6
Contacting MERANT, addresses and numbers  Ch3
Container, rearranging  A.6
Contents List, returning  4.3
Context help  Ch3 , 5.2.8
Context help button  A.1
Context menu  A.9
Controls  ApC
        adding  12.3.4
Converter, tutorial  Ch6
        character set  6.3.13
        data file  6.3.1
Converting existing COBOL
        basic tutorial  Ch10
        what to use  Ch1
Copyfiles, displaying  9.3.1
        by cut and paste  A.10
        by drag and drop  A.11
CORBA  B.1.1.17
CORBA Wizard  B.1.1.17
        conditional record layout  6.3.5
        data file  6.3.12
        default record layout  6.3.4
        file or folder  A.3
        record layout file  6.3.3
Creating a form  8.3.1
Creating a Form, in Form Express  10.3.1
Creating a GUI application, basic tutorial  Ch12
Creating a project  8.3.1 , 12.3.1 , 14.3.1
Creating a screenset  12.3.1
Creating a Web application
        basic tutorial  Ch7
        introduction  Ch8
Creating a Web database application  11.3.1
        basic tutorial  Ch11
Cross-reference  4.3
Ctrl+C  A.10
Ctrl+V  A.10
Ctrl+X  A.10
Cut and Paste  A.10


        adding in SQL Wizard  16.3.7
        examining when debugging  5.2.5
Data block  12.3.3
Data file
        converting  6.3.1
        creating  6.3.12
        editing multiple  6.3.11
        printing  6.3.10
        viewing formatted  6.3.7
        viewing in hexadecimal  6.3.9
        viewing unformatted  6.3.2
Data File Converter, tutorial  Ch6
Data File Editor, character set  6.3.14
Data File editor, tutorial  Ch6
Data files, editing  Ch6
Data source  11.1
Data Source Name  11.1
Data Tools
        brief description  Ch1
        introduction  6.1
        tutorial  Ch6
        filtering  11.3.7
        navigating  11.3.5
        querying  11.3.7
        updating  11.3.6
        what to use  Ch1
Database application, basic tutorial  Ch11
Database sample.mdb  11.1
Datatype column  10.3.2
DB2  15.1
        debugging  15.3.6
        running application  15.3.5
Debugging  5.2.5
        basic tutorial  Ch5
        DB2 application  15.3.6
        examining data  5.2.5
        Run Thru  5.2.5
        Run to Cursor  5.2.5
        Step  5.2.5
        what to use  Ch1
debugging  Ch5
Debugging a Web application  9.3.4
Default record layout  6.3.4
Defining objects  12.3.4
Deltas  Ch1
Demo application, Locking  5.2.4
Demonstration applications  5.1.2
Deploying a UNIX application
        what to use  Ch1 , Ch1
Deploying on UNIX, basic tutorial  Ch14
Designing a form  8.3.3
Development Environment
        basic tutorial  Ch5
        brief description  Ch1
        starting  5.2.1
Dialog box  8.1
        Add Files to Project  A.2
        Open  A.2
Dialog Editor  B.2.1.2
Dialog in Dialog System, basic tutorial  12.3.5
Dialog System
        basic tutorial  Ch12
        brief description  Ch1 , Ch1
        generated files  12.3.6
Directory, in tutorial  4.2
Displaying, EBCDIC file  6.3.14
Docking, window  A.12
Documentation, finding your way around  Ch3
Drag and Drop  A.11
Drive, in tutorial  4.2
Dropdown list  A.8
DSN  11.1
Dtoldemo  6.2


EBCDIC file, displaying  6.3.14
        converting  6.3.13
        Data File Editor  6.3.14
        basic tutorial  Ch5
        data in SQL Wizard  16.3.7
        multiple data files  6.3.11
        what to use  Ch1
Editing a server-side program  9.3.1 , 9.3.1
Editing an associated program  13.3.1 , 13.3.1
Embedded HTML  7.2 , B.1.1.10
Examining data  5.2.5
Existing COBOL
        basic tutorial  Ch10
        what to use  Ch1
Explorer, Internet  Ch2
Extended ACCEPT/DISPLAY  7.2
Extension, showing and hiding  A.5


        converting data file  6.3.1
        creating  A.3
        record layout  6.3.3
File extension, showing and hiding  A.5
File maintenance, what to use  Ch1
Files generated
        by Dialog System  12.3.6
        by Form Designer  8.3.5
        by Form Express  10.3.3
        by Internet Application Wizard  11.3.2
        by UNIX Option  14.3.6
Files in project, nonexistent files  5.2.2
Fileshare  B.1.1.11
Filtering a database  11.3.7
Finding information  Ch3
Floating, window  A.12
        changing  A.2
        creating  A.3
        in tutorial  4.2
Folder hierarchy  A.2
Folder Options  A.5
        adding controls  8.3.3
        creating  8.3.1
        creating in Form Express  10.3.1
        testing  8.3.4 , 8.3.6
Form Designer
        basic tutorial  Ch7
        brief description  Ch1
        generated files  8.3.5
Form Express
        basic tutorial  Ch10
        generated files  10.3.3
Form processing, basic tutorial  Ch9
Full screen  A.1


Getting Started book, using  4.3
Getting Started tutorials  Ch4
Global dialog  12.3.5
        what to use  Ch1 , Ch1
GUI application, basic tutorial  Ch12


Headings of columns, rearranging  A.6
Help  Ch3
        finding your way around  Ch3
        for item on screen  Ch3
        on COBOL syntax  Ch3
        Application Output window  5.3
        file extensions  A.5
Hierarchy of folders  A.2
Highlighting, list items  A.7
Hotlink  4.3
How to find information  Ch3
How to use this book  4.3
HTML  B.1.1.10 , ApC
HTML form  8.1
HTML Label field  10.3.2
HTML Page Wizard  8.3.1
        brief description  Ch1
Hyper Text Markup Language  ApC


        basic tutorial  Ch5
        brief description  Ch1
        starting  5.2.1
        with Dialog System loaded  12.3.2
        with Form Designer loaded  8.3.2
IDE options, setting  5.2.6
Index, creating  16.3.3
Indexed file, maintenance  B.1.1.23
Indexes, of books and help  Ch3
Information, finding  Ch3
.int file, in projects  5.2.2
Integrated Development Environment
        basic tutorial  Ch5
        brief description  Ch1
        starting  5.2.1
Integrated Preprocessor Support  B.1.1.12
Interface for database via Web, basic tutorial  Ch11
Interface for GUI, basic tutorial  Ch12
Interface for Web
        basic tutorial  Ch7
        introduction  Ch8
Internationalization  B.1.1.15
Internet  ApC
Internet Application Wizard  11.1 , 11.3.1
        basic tutorial  Ch11
        brief description  Ch1
        generated files  11.3.2
Internet Explorer, brief description  Ch2
Intranet  ApC
Introduction, Internet Application Wizard  Ch8
IONA  B.1.1.17


No entries


Key, primary  16.3.3


Language Support  B.1.1.15
Legacy COBOL
        basic tutorial  Ch10
        what to use  Ch1
Library routines  B.1.1.7
License agreement, ODBC  B.1.1.18
Link  4.3
Linking, what to use  Ch1
Linking to a Web application  7.2.2
Links, in books  Ch3
        dropdown  A.8
        multicolumn  A.6
        selecting items  A.7
Loading a project  5.2.2
Loading project, in tutorial  4.3
Local dialog  12.3.5
Locking files on network  B.1.1.11
Locking program  5.2.4
Low-level file-handling  B.1.1.2


Main window, Form Express  10.3.2
Mainframe access, XDB link  15.3.8
Maintaining files, what to use  Ch1
Master field  12.3.4
Maximize button  A.1
Menu, popup and context  A.9
        addresses and numbers  Ch3
        via Web  Ch3
Method Wizard  B.1.1.19
mfuser  5.1.1
Microsoft Transaction Server Support  B.1.1.13
Migration Cookbook, brief description  Ch3
Minimize button  A.1
Minus sign, in tree view  A.4
Mouse button, in tutorial  4.2
Mouse pointer, shape  A.12
        by cut and paste  A.10
        by drag and drop  A.11
        columns in list  A.6
Moving around folders  A.2
Multicolumn list, rearranging  A.6
Multithreading  B.1.1.14


National Language Support  B.1.1.15
Navigating a database  11.3.5
Net Express
        basic tutorial  Ch5
        closing  5.3
Net Express applications, explained  ApC
Net Express command prompt  B.1.1.8
Network  ApC
Network and UNIX  Ch2
Network server  ApC
Nonexistent files in project  5.2.2


Object Request Broker  B.1.1.17
Object toolbar  8.3.1 , 12.3.4
Object-oriented COBOL syntax  B.1.1.16
Objects, defining  12.3.4
ODBC  11.1
ODBC Drivers, brief description  B.1.1.18
ODBC License agreement  B.1.1.18
OLE Automation Support  B.1.1.19
OMG  B.1.1.17
Online books  Ch3
Online Help System  B.2.1.3
OO CLass Browser  B.1.1.16
OO Class Library  B.1.1.16
Open, dialog box  A.2
Open Database Connectivity  11.1 , B.1.1.18
OpenESQL  B.1.1.20
OpenESQL Assistant  B.1.1.21
Options, setting in IDE  5.2.6
ORB  B.1.1.17
Orbix  B.1.1.17


Page, returning  4.3
Panels  B.2.1.4
Picture string  12.3.4
Plus sign, in tree view  A.4
Popup help  5.2.8
Popup menu  Ch3 , A.9
Portability, in UNIX Option  14.3.2
Preprocessor  B.1.1.12
        integrated  B.1.1.12
Primary key, defining  16.3.3
Printed books  Ch3
Printing, data file  6.3.10
Problems, getting help  Ch3
Project  5.1.1
        brief description  Ch1
        building  5.2.3
        closing  5.3
        creating  8.3.1 , 12.3.1 , 14.3.1
        dtoldemo  6.2
        loading  5.2.2
        sqldemo  15.3.1 , 16.2
Project folder  5.1.1
Projects  B.1.1.22
        basic tutorial  Ch5
projects  Ch5
Properties, of data file  6.3.2
Prototyping  12.3.8
Publishing a UNIX application  14.3.5


        creating in SQL Wizard  16.3.8
        running  16.3.9
Querying a database  11.3.7


Rearranging, columns in list  A.6
Rebuild  5.2.3 , B.1.1.23
Rebuild All  5.2.3
Rebuilding a project, basic tutorial  Ch5
Record layout file
        creating  6.3.3
        look up information  6.3.8
        saving  6.3.6
Reference  4.3
Release Notes  Ch3
Reloading Project, in tutorial  4.3
        columns in list  A.6
        window  A.12
Restore button  A.1
Returning, to Web page  4.3
Revealing, file extensions  A.5
Right-click  A.9
Row  11.1.1
Run Thru  5.2.5
Run to Cursor  5.2.5
Running a UNIX application  14.3.7
Running a Web application  9.3.3 , 10.3.5
Running a Web database application  11.3.4
Running Windows GUI application  13.3.3
Running within the IDE  5.2.4


Samba  Ch2
Sample program, Locking  5.2.4
Sample programs  5.1.2
Sample.mdb database  11.1
Saving, record layout file  6.3.6
SCCS support  B.1.1.25
SCP  Ch2
        with Dialog System loaded  12.3.2
        with Form Designer loaded  8.3.2
Screen and Keyboard Configuration Tools  B.2.1.6
Screen and Keyboard Handler  B.2.1.5
Screen Section  B.2.1.7
Screenset, creating  12.3.1
Screenset processing, basic tutorial  Ch13
Searching for Information  Ch3
Secondary index, defining  16.3.4
Selecting, list items  A.7
Server  ApC
        network  ApC
        Web  ApC
Server Control Program  Ch2
Server-side program
        basic tutorial  Ch9
        structure  7.2.1
server-side program
        editing  9.3.1 , 9.3.1
Setting IDE options  5.2.6
Sharing files on network  B.1.1.11
Showing, file extensions  A.5
        columns in list  A.6
        window  A.12
Solo  7.1
        basic tutorial  Ch9
        brief description  Ch1
Solutions Guide, brief description  Ch3
Sort  B.1.1.24
Sorting  B.1.1.4
Source code control, what to use  Ch1
Source Code Control System  Ch1
Source Code Control System support  B.1.1.25
        server  15.3.7
        viewing  16.3.5
SQL Option
        creating a query  16.3.8
        creating a table  16.3.2
        debugging  15.3.6
        running application  15.3.5
        starting server  15.3.4
        tutorial  Ch15
SQL Wizard, tutorial  Ch16
Sqldemo project  15.3.1 , 16.2
Standard button, on window  A.1
Starting a Web application  7.2.2
Starting the Development Environment  5.2.1
Starting the IDE  5.2.1
Starting the Integrated Development Environment  5.2.1
Step  5.2.5
Submit button  7.2
Support, via Web  Ch3
Symettric  7.2.2
Syntax, getting help  Ch3


Table, in SQL Option  16.3.2
Table of Contents, returning  4.3
Task bar  A.1
Technical support, via Web  Ch3
Testing, basic tutorial  Ch9
Testing a form  8.3.4 , 8.3.6
Testing a Web application, what to use  Ch1
Text, adding to a form  8.3.3
Text properties  12.3.4
        adding to a form  8.3.3
        definition  8.3.3
Tool tips  5.2.3
        in IDE  5.2.3
        object  8.3.1
Tree view  A.4
        converting existing COBOL  Ch10
        debugging a Web application  Ch9
        deploying on UNIX  Ch14
        dialog in Dialog System  12.3.5
        Dialog System  Ch12
        editing  Ch5
        Form Designer  Ch7
        Form Express  Ch10
        GUI application  Ch12
        Integrated Development Environment  Ch5
        Internet Application Wizard  Ch11
        migrating to the Web  Ch10
        running a Web application  Ch9
        server-side program  Ch9
        Solo  Ch9
        SQL Option  Ch15
        SQL Wizard  Ch16
        testing a Web application  Ch9
        UNIX Option  Ch14
        Web application  Ch7
        Web database application  Ch11
        Windows GUI program  Ch13
Tutorials, Getting Started  Ch4
Tutorials map  4.4


UNIX application
        publishing  14.3.5
        running  14.3.7
UNIX deployment
        basic tutorial  Ch14
        what to use  Ch1 , Ch1
UNIX network, what to use  Ch2
UNIX Option
        brief description  Ch1 , Ch1
        generated files  14.3.6
UNIX option, basic tutorial  Ch14
UNIX portability, in UNIX Option  14.3.2
UNIX server, what to use  Ch2
Updating a database  11.3.6
User interface for database via Web, basic tutorial  Ch11
User interface for GUI, basic tutorial  Ch12
User interface for Web
        basic tutorial  Ch7
        introduction  Ch8
User project location mfuser  5.1.1


Version number, in tutorial  4.2
        columns in list  A.6
        data file formatted  6.3.7
        data file in hexadecimal  6.3.9
        data file properties  6.3.2
        data file unformatted  6.3.2
        file extensions  A.5
        folders  A.2


Web application
        basic tutorial  Ch7
        creating  Ch8
        debugging  9.3.4
        running  9.3.3 , 10.3.5
        starting  7.2.2
        what to use  Ch1
Web applications, explained  ApC
Web browser  ApC
        what to use  Ch2
Web database application
        basic tutorial  Ch11
        running  11.3.4
Web form  ApC
Web page  ApC
        returning  4.3
Web program, basic tutorial  Ch9
Web server  7.1 , ApC
        basic tutorial  Ch9
        configuring  ApD
Web server Solo, brief description  Ch1
Web shares  ApD
WebSync  Ch3 , B.1.1.26
Win32 native GUI  B.1.1.27
Win32 Software Development Kit, brief description  Ch2
Window  8.1
        border  A.12
        closing  5.3
        docking  A.12
        floating  A.12
        resizing  A.12
Window buttons  A.1
Windowing Support  B.2.1.8
Windows  4.2
Windows 95  4.2
Windows 98  4.2
Windows Explorer  A.4
Windows GUI
        what to use  Ch1 , Ch1
Windows GUI application, running  13.3.3
Windows GUI program, basic tutorial  Ch13
Windows NT  4.2
Wizard, SQL  16.3.1
World Wide Web  ApC


XDB link, mainframe access  15.3.8
XDB Server
        starting  15.3.4
        stopping  15.3.7


No entries


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