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Chapter 8: Dialog System V2.5

This chapter lists some points to note if you're moving to the Dialog System in Net Express compared to Dialog System V2.5.

If you've come from 32-bit graphical Dialog System V2.5 on Windows 95 or Windows NT, you should have no migration problems. There is just one minor incompatible change - see the section DSRUN below. The non-graphical versions and some little-used tools have been omitted. Source code templates are provided to enable you to use the new Class Library support for spin buttons, status bars, OCX controls, and a tree view control.

You access the definition software from the Tools menu in the IDE.

For advice on moving from 16-bit to 32-bit, and from other operating systems such as OS/2, see the chapter Same Screen, Different Platform in the online book Dialog System User's Guide .


The Graphical Dialog System run-time module is called DSGRUN. Although supplied for backward compatibility, the older DSRUN module is no longer fully supported. Where your application makes calls to the DSRUN module these should be changed to call DSGRUN. No other change is required.

You may experience errors when calling DSRUN as this is now supplied exclusively for use by the Character version of Dialog System, which is installed if you selected the UNIX option in the Net Express Setup.

8.2 Points to Note

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