Micro Focus License Management Facility

License Management Facility Administrator's Guide


Issue 2a
August 1999

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Copyright© 1999 MERANT International Limited.
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This book gives an overview of the License Management Facility. It describes how to manage the licenses for MERANT Micro Focus licensed products (referred to in this guide as Micro Focus licensed products), and also what to do to set up and maintain the License Management Facility software.


This book is for a UNIX administrator. You are responsible for managing licenses and for setting up and maintaining. You need to be familiar with your operating system, but do not need programming skills.


Enter refers to the carriage-return or Enter key. Where commands to be typed are shown, the Enter key is not shown. It is treated as implicit that the Enter key must be pressed at the end of the line.

Command Lines

The notation used to describe the format of command lines is as follows:


What appears on your screen may differ in minor ways (for example, version numbers) from that illustrated in the books. This will not affect the operation of your software.