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Chapter 18: Error Messages

This chapter describes the format of, and lists, the error messages output by your COBOL system.

18.1 Errors Reported by Convert5

Convert5 returns a result code to the calling program once it has finished a run. See the chapter Running Convert5 for details of the calling program. This result code is in the form of a three-byte number in ASCII format. If the first byte of this number is a 0, it denotes that Convert5 has terminated its run successfully and has reported no errors. Any other number appearing as the first byte in the result code indicates that Convert5 has detected an error.

If an error is reported, the first byte of the result code indicates the type of that error as shown in the table below.

Table 18-1. Error Message Identification

1st Byte In Result Code
Result Value In Remaining Bytes
Error Type
1 nn Print file error
2 nn Created file error
3 nn Source file error
4 yy File entries (SELECT...ASSIGN) error
5   Record description (FD) error
6   Parameter description error
7 nn Memory error

nn = the relevant run-time system error number; see your Error Messages for details.

yy = one of the following:

01 Multiple assign clauses found in file control entry
02 Multiple reserve clauses found in file control entry
03 Multiple organization clauses found in file control entry
04 Multiple access clauses found in file control entry
05 Multiple record clauses found in file control entry
07 Multiple file status clauses found in file control entry
08 Key word expected in file control entry but word found was "xxx" (where xxx is the actual word found)
10 External file name missing in assign statement
11 Data name defined in assign clause is a reserved word
12 Quote expected at end of external file-name
20 Nonnumeric entry in reserve clause
30 Organization type not found in organization clause
32 Inconsistent file control entry
40 Access mode not specified in access clause
41 Relative key is a reserved word in record clause
50 Record name is a reserved word in record clause
60 The word record expected in alternate key clause number
61 Data-name-3 is a reserved word in alternate record number
62 The words "with duplicates" expected in alternate record number
71 Data-name-4 is a reserved word in file status clause
90 Continuation found in file control section

If you receive an error code which starts with the number 5 or 6, it is not followed by a number to identify a specific error. Instead, these errors are of a general nature and merely indicate that an error has occurred in the record description or the parameter description respectively. If you receive one of these errors, you can detect its specific cause by looking through the parameter list in the printfile. If you did not specify a printfile, this parameter list is sent to the screen.

18.2 Errors Reported by the Conversion Program

When you try to run the file conversion program produced by Convert5 you could receive one of the following un-numbered error messages, all of which are self-explanatory:

i/p file name invalid 
o/p file name invalid 
The i/p and o/p data files have the same name 
Error on opening i/p file 
Error on opening o/p file 
Error on reading i/p file 
Error on writing o/p file 
"record type" record-type "at record-number" is invalid 
Attempt to read beyond end of i/p file 


i/p file name = input file-name
o/p file name = output file-name

If you receive any of the above errors, the file conversion program terminates immediately.

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