Compatibility Guide

Table of Contents


Part 1: Conversion Series 1

Chapter 1: IBM/370 Mainframe Compatibility

Part 2: Conversion Series 2

Chapter 2: Microsoft COBOL V2.2 Source Compatibility
Chapter 3: Rebuild

Part 3: Conversion Series 3

Chapter 4: Introduction to Conversion Series 3
Chapter 5: Converting an RM/COBOL Application
Chapter 6: RM/COBOL Source Compatibility
Chapter 7: RM/COBOL Conversion Issues
Chapter 8: Converting RM/COBOL Data Files
Chapter 9: Running Convert3
Chapter 10: Using the File Conversion Program
Chapter 11: Convert3 and File Conversion Program Error Messages

Part 4: Conversion Series 5

Chapter 12: Introduction to Conversion Series 5
Chapter 13: DG Interactive COBOL Source Compatibility
Chapter 14: Reformatting a DG COBOL Source File
Chapter 15: Converting DG COBOL Data Files
Chapter 16: Running Convert5
Chapter 17: Using the File Conversion Program
Chapter 18: Error Messages


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