Communications Programming with CCINext"

Chapter 1: Introduction to Communications Programming

Using Object COBOL you can write programs that communicate with each other across a network. This book describes the facilities in this COBOL system which enable you to do this.

1.1 The Methods

The methods of communications programming available with this COBOL system are:

1.1.1 Common Communications Interface (CCI)

The principal support for communications in this COBOL system is the Common Communications Interface (CCI). CCI is an Application Programming Interface (API) - a set of functions which enable you to write programs that communicate across a network. The API is supported on several operating systems using numerous communications protocols. This means that you can easily change the communications protocol your application is using, without changing your program.

CCI is described in Part II, Common Communications Interface.

1.1.2 Message Control System (MCS)

The Message Control System (MCS) enables COBOL programs to communicate with each other using ANSI standard COBOL syntax.

MCS is described in Part III, MCS Communications Module.

1.1.3 Application-to-Application Interface (AAI)

AAI is a middleware product which provides a variety of connection services for application programs, across a wide selection of workstation and mainframe environments and communications protocols.

The AAI feature set is extensive, and is described in detail in a number of documents. For additional information, or to order the appropriate manuals, please contact your Micro Focus representative.

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Communications Programming with CCINext"