Object COBOL User Guide

Table of Contents


Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Developing COBOL Applications
Chapter 2: Using Application Server
Chapter 3: Packaging Applications

Part 2: Compiling

Chapter 4: Compiling Programs
Chapter 5: Using the Compiler
Chapter 6: Directives for Compiler

Part 3: Linking

Chapter 7: Linking

Part 4: COBOL System Interface (cob)

Chapter 8: COBOL System Interface (cob)
Chapter 9: Descriptions of cob Flags
Chapter 10: Descriptions of cob Error Messages

Part 5: Running

Chapter 11: Running
Chapter 12: Run-time Configuration
Chapter 13: Descriptions of Run-time Switches
Chapter 14: The COBOL Profiler

Part 6: Terminfo Database

Chapter 15: Terminfo Database and Terminal Devices

Part 7: Appendices

Appendix A: Micro Focus Environment Variables
Appendix B: Compiling CGI Programs Created on NetExpress
Appendix C: EBCDIC/ASCII Translation Tables
Appendix D: Sample Programs
Appendix E: UNIX Key Usage Chart


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