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Chapter 9: Viewing and Editing Data Files

It is often useful to be able to view and change items in a data file, or create reports from them. There are several tools in Object COBOL and Micro Focus Workbench to enable you to do this.

These tools are not available on UNIX systems.

9.1 Tools for Viewing and Editing Data Files

Micro Focus Workbench contains a set of tools for editing data files at the record level, or at the byte level.

The Data File Editor is the main tool for viewing/editing data files. You use the Structure Editor to specify the structure of a data file to the Data File Editor, and then use the Data File Editor to view/edit the file at the record level. You can change the data, insert new records or delete records. You can view the data as ASCII or EBCDIC, or, at the byte level, in hexadecimal.

Figure 9-1: Data File Editing Tools

The Data File Services (DFS) tools include:

If you don't already have Workbench, contact your sales representative. If you do have Workbench, refer to your Workbench User Guide for more details of the DFS tools. See your Workbench Character Tools for details of Hex Edit, and the character version of Data File Editor.

9.2 Tools for Creating Reports

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