Programmer's Guide to File Handling

Table of Contents


Part 1: Introduction to File Handling

Chapter 1: Introduction to File Handling

Part 2: Basic File Handling

Chapter 2: File Naming
Chapter 3: COBOL File Organizations
Chapter 4: Using File Status
Chapter 5: Sorting Files
Chapter 6: Sharing Files
Chapter 7: Maintaining Files
Chapter 8: File Handler Utilities (UNIX)
Chapter 9: Viewing and Editing Data Files
Chapter 10: Converting Files

Part 3: Advanced File Handling

Chapter 11: Directory Handling
Chapter 12: Miscellaneous Facilities
Chapter 13: Callable File Handler (ExtFH)
Chapter 14: Handling C-ISAM Files
Chapter 15: Handling Btrieve Files
Chapter 16: Byte-stream File Handling
Chapter 17: Callable Sort Module (Extsm)

Part 4: Fileshare

Chapter 18: Fileshare
Chapter 19: Fileshare Tutorial
Chapter 20: Fileshare Server Messages
Chapter 21: Fileshare on Novell NetWare
Chapter 22: Fsview

Part 5: Database Handling

Chapter 23: Introduction to Relational Database Handling
Chapter 24: Embedded SQL Using DB2
Chapter 25: SQL, DB2/2 and 32-bit COBOL
Chapter 26: COBSQL
Chapter 27: Interface to Informix DBMS
Chapter 28: Interface to Oracle DBMS
Chapter 29: Interface to Sybase DBMS

Part 6: Reference

Chapter 30: File Structures
Chapter 31: File Status Code Tables
Chapter 32: Limits


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