Master Index for Object COBOL for UNIX

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I-beam pointer PG to Creating UIs20.2.3
I-O control paragraph LR - Additional Topics13.1.7
I-O Control paragraph Language Reference6.1.3.3
I-O status codes LR - Additional Topics12.3.13
-i cob flag
        create dynamically loadable file Object COBOL UG9.1
-I cob flag
        include symbol in executable file Object COBOL UG9.1
I command in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.4.2
i RTS switch Object COBOL UG13.2
        indexed Language Reference4.2.10
        relative Language Reference4.2.9
I/O buffer size PG to File Handling12.2.1
I/O error
        auto-fail critical Object COBOL UG13.2
I/O mode Language Reference15.1.2 , 15.1.5 , 16.1.13 , 16.1.13 , 16.1.13
I/O phrase Language Reference14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7
I/O status Language Reference10. , , ,
I/O Status Language Reference10.
I/O status Language Reference10.1.6.2
I01 screen in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.2.1
I02 screen in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.2.2
I1 RTS switch Object COBOL UG13.2
I2 RTS switch Object COBOL UG13.2
i87 PG to Writing Programs1.3
IBM-MS Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
        character set PG to Creating UIsCh23
        DB2 PG to File Handling23.2.1
        migrating applications Compatibility Guide1.2
        OS/VS COBOL Compatibility GuideCh1
        PC display attributes PG to Creating UIsCh25
        SAA AD/Cycle COBOL/370 Compatibility GuideCh1
        screen attributes PG to Creating UIs26.2.4
        VS COBOL II Compatibility GuideCh1
IBM/370 Compatibility GuideCh1
IBMCOMP Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
Language Reference2.6.4.2 , 17.1
IBMCOMP Compiler Directive Language Reference6.1.2.3
IBMCOMP Compiler directive Language Reference8.1.1.21
IBP Dialog System Char9.1 , 19.2
Icon PG to Creating UIs20.2.1.3
        Presentation Manager applications PG to Creating UIs14.4.2 , 15.4.2
        Windows applications PG to Creating UIs16.3.2
Identification Division LR - Additional Topics5.12
Language Reference3.2 , 5.1
Identifier Language Reference2.6.5.5 ,
Identifier parameter
        Convert3 Compatibility Guide9.2.1.11 ,
        Convert5 Compatibility Guide16.2.1.6
Identifying a panel PG to Creating UIs11.2.5
IDXFORMAT Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
PG to File Handling12.1.5
IDXFORMAT"4" PG to File Handling13.4.1 , 12.7.2 , 7.3.1 , 8.12.1
IDXFORMAT"4" format files PG to File Handling7.3.1
IDXFORMAT"8" PG to File Handling13.1.3.1 , 7.3.1
IDXFORMAT"8" format files PG to File Handling7.3.1
.idy file Object COBOL UG1.1.2
Object COBOL Char Tools2.4.3
        creating Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.1
        PRELOADIDY Animator directive Object COBOL Char ToolsA.2.1
IEEE floating-point PG to Writing Programs1.3
IF Dialog System Char9.1
.if file OO Programming22.1
IF functions Dialog System Char9.1 , 19.2
IF statement Language Reference18.6.8 , 13.1.10
        collating considerations PG to Writing Programs7.9.3
        COMPUTE PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.1
        efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.4
IGNORE-NUMERIC-SETCUR configuration parameter Dialog System Char16.5
IGNORE LOCK phrase Language Reference15.1.2
IGNORE On-line Help Builder directive PG to Creating UIs22.2.2.1
.ils file Object COBOL Char Tools4.5.2
IMP logic operator PG to Writing Programs2.5.1 ,
Imperative sentence Language Reference3.5.4.7
Imperative statement Language Reference3.5.4.6 ,
Imperative verbs Language Reference3.5.4.6
Implementor-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
        find OO Programming4.8
Implicit data description picture LR - Additional TopicsCh10
Implicit Procedure Division references Language Reference2.6.6.1
Implicit scope terminators Language Reference2.6.6.4
Implicit specifications Language Reference2.6.6
Import Dialog System Char3.2.9
        limitations Dialog System Char3.2.10.10
        semantic checking Dialog System Char3.2.9.2
        syntax checking Dialog System Char3.2.9.1
Import files
        syntax Dialog System CharCh20
In-line comments Language Reference3.6.5.1
In-line configuration Communications7.11.4
In-line PERFORM Language Reference15.1.1 , 15.1.1
-INC mechanism Language Reference18.3
-INC statement Language Reference18.6.9
INCLUDE-FILLER Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
        edit Object COBOL Char Tools7.3.12.3
++INCLUDE mechanism Language Reference18.3
INCLUDE On-line Help Builder directive PG to Creating UIs22.2.2.1
++INCLUDE statement Language Reference18.6.10
Incompatible data Language Reference10.1.5.7
INCVAL Dialog System Char9.1 , 19.2
INDD Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
Independent segments LR - Additional Topics4.1.1.3
Index-name Language Reference10.1.4.2
        function in Hyhelp Object COBOL Char Tools10.1.5.2
        programs in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.
Index comparison Language Reference10.1.4.2
Index data item Language Reference8.1.1.23 ,
INDEX On-line Help Builder directive PG to Creating UIs22.2.2.1 ,
Index programs PG to Creating UIs9.1 , 9.2.7
        generate from Screens PG to Creating UIs9.2.4.2
        IDX and advanced IDX in Screens PG to Creating UIs9.2.4.2
        in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.12
        Screens PG to Creating UIs9.2.7
INDEX SIZE clause LR - Additional Topics13.1.4
INDEX usage Compatibility Guide8.3.2 , 15.3
INDEXED BY clause Language Reference8.1.1.14 , 16.1.1 , 16.1.3
INDEXED BY phrase Language Reference16.1.1
Indexed data entry Object COBOL Char Tools8.1
        Forms-2 automatic feature Object COBOL Char Tools8.1
Indexed file Language Reference4.2.10.1 , , 14.1.7
Indexed files Compatibility Guide1.3.1.2 , , 15.1.3
PG to File Handling3.1 , 3.1.3
        altering an index PG to File Handling8.12
        format PG to File Handling7.3.1
        in Screens PG to Creating UIs9.2.4.2 , 9.2.7
        keys PG to File Handling3.1.3
        large PG to File Handling13.1.3.1
        locking Compatibility Guide7.2.9
PG to File Handling6.7.1
        reorganization PG to File Handling7.2.1
        sequence check switch Object COBOL UG13.2
        sparse keys PG to File Handling12.7.1
        using PG to File Handling3.1.3
Indexed I/O Language Reference4.2.10
Indexing Language Reference2.6.5.3 , ,
INDEXTITLE On-line Help Builder directive PG to Creating UIs22.2.2.1
INDEXTOPIC On-line Help Builder directive PG to Creating UIs22.2.2.1
        GROUP LR - Additional Topics1.4.11 , 1.4.15
Indicator area Language Reference3.6.1 , 3.6.1
Indicator Area Language Reference1.2.3
Indicator character
        DG Compatibility Guide14.2
        altering Adis PG to Creating UIs5.2.2.9
        disabling/enabling PG to Creating UIs4.2.8
INFORETURN Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
        system Dialog System Char12.7
Information line GS with Object COBOL3.1.1
Information messages LMF Admin GuideCh4
        Rebuild Compatibility Guide3.4.3
Informix PG to File Handling23.2.3 , Ch27
Inheritance OO Programming20.2.1 , Ch7 , Ch15
PG to Writing Programs1.11
        data OO Programming20.2.1.2
        methods OO Programming20.2.1.1
        overview OO Programming2.1.4
        with data OO Programming20.
.ini file PG to Creating UIs16.3.3
INITCALL Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
INITIAL clause LR - Additional Topics2.1.2 , 2.1.2
Language Reference5.1.2.1 ,
Initial program Language Reference5.1.2.2
Initial state Language Reference4.2.3
Initial value Language Reference4.2.3.1 , ,
Initialization data PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.1
Initialization file
        MCS Communications9.1
Initialization of Working-Storage Compatibility Guide7.2.10
Initialization procedure Dialog System Char9.1.2
        action bar Dialog System Char5.3.3
Initialization time OO Programming20.
Initialize Dialog System Char3.2.2
        action bar Dialog System Char5.3.4
        class objects OO Programming20.2.2.2
        data fields Dialog System Char10.2.3
        GUI objects OO Programming31.3
        instance objects OO Programming20.2.3.2
        mouse using Adis PG to Creating UIs8.1.1
        Panels V2 PG to Creating UIs19.2.1 , 20.3.3
        window OO Programming6.2
Initialize mouse support PG to Creating UIs3.2
INITIALIZE statement LR - Additional Topics5.15.6 , 6.11.3
Language Reference13.1.11
        Analyzer counters Object COBOL Char Tools3.2.2.6
        Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.1.2 , 8.2.2
INITIATE statement LR - Additional Topics1.5.4
Input-Output files Language Reference12.1.7 , 12.1.7
Input-Output operation Language Reference10. ,
        ACCEPT statement PG to Creating UIs4.1.1
        field usage Dialog System Char7.1.1
        from the user PG to Creating UIs20.2.5.1
Input attributes Dialog System Char22.9
Input field Language Reference9.1.1 ,
Input files Language Reference12.1.7 , 12.1.7
INPUT mode Language Reference15.1.2
INPUT phrase LR - Additional Topics2.2.2 , 2.2.3
Language Reference14.1.7 , 14.1.7
Input sockets OO Programming32.2.2
.ins file OO Programming20.
Ins key Dialog System Char19.2
        Adis mode indicator PG to Creating UIs4.2.8
Insert after
        action bar Dialog System Char5.
Insert after entry
        action bar Dialog System Char5.3.1.3
        pulldown Dialog System Char5.3.5.2
Insert before
        action bar Dialog System Char5.
Insert before entry
        action bar Dialog System Char5.3.1.2
        pulldown Dialog System Char5.3.5.1
Insert field Dialog System Char4.1.2
Insert line
        dialog Dialog System Char9.2.2
        error message definition Dialog System Char4.2.2.1
        in Screens PG to Creating UIs9.2.4.2
        range/table validation Dialog System Char4.
        virtual group Dialog System Char8.2.3.1
INSERT statement Language Reference18.6.11
Insert toggle
        Adis function PG to Creating UIs7.2.3.1
        lines in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.4.2
        spaces in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.4.2
Insertion editing Language Reference8.1.1.15
INSPECT statement LR - Additional Topics5.15.7 , 6.11.4
Language Reference13.1.12
INSTALL Animator directive Object COBOL Char ToolsA.2.1
install.def PG to Writing Programs11.1
        verifying GS with Object COBOL2.3
Installf PG to Writing ProgramsCh11
        creating library PG to Writing Programs11.2 , 11.2 , 11.2 , 11.3
        installing library PG to Writing Programs11.6
installf.mac PG to Writing Programs11.1 , 11.2 , 11.3
Installing GS with Object COBOLCh2
        AppTrack AS Licensing2.1
        AS License AS LicensingCh2
installing files Communications7.11.6
Installing license keys LMF Admin Guide2.5 , 2.7
Installing License Management Facility LMF Admin Guide2.3
Installing licenses
        automatically as part of software installation AS Licensing2.2
        manually AS Licensing2.3
        problems AS Licensing2.4
Instance PG to Writing Programs2.1.1
        coding OO Programming20.2.3
        creation OO Programming20.2.4.3
        data OO Programming20.2.3.1 , 6.1.6 , 14.1.5
        initialization OO Programming20.2.3.2
        method OO Programming6.1.7
        methods OO Programming20.2.3.3
        object OO Programming20.1
        overview OO Programming2.1.2
INT Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
Object COBOL Char Tools5.2.5
.int file Object COBOL UG7.1.2 , , , 3.1.1
        creating applications with Object COBOL UG3.2.1
        used for compiling Object COBOL UG4.6.1
        using in an application Object COBOL UG3.2.1.1
INTDATE Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
INTEGER-OF-DATE function Language Reference11.9.19
INTEGER-OF-DAY function Language Reference11.9.20
INTEGER-PART function Language Reference11.9.21
INTEGER function Language Reference11.9.18
Integer functions Language Reference11.6
Integrated Preprocessor PG to Writing ProgramsCh17
GS with Object COBOL1.4
Integrated preprocessor
        and CSI stats Object COBOL Char Tools5.3.4
Integrated Preprocessor
        examples PG to Writing Programs17.6
        interfacing with Compiler PG to Writing Programs17.3.1
        invoking PG to Writing Programs17.2.1
        invoking multiple PG to Writing Programs17.2.1.1
        parameters PG to Writing Programs17.3.1.1
        response codes PG to Writing Programs17.3.2
        sample programs Object COBOL UGApD
        stack PG to Writing Programs17.3.4
        testing PG to Writing Programs17.2.2
        writing PG to Writing Programs17.3
Integrated preprocessor
        XDB PG to File Handling23.2.2
Integration tools PG to Writing ProgramsCh13
        Directory facility Object COBOL Char ToolsCh6
        Directory Facility V2 PG to Creating UIsCh21
        On-line Help System PG to Creating UIsCh22
        character attribute PG to Creating UIs25.2.2
Inter-program communication Compatibility Guide1.3.3 , 2.3.6
PG to Writing Programs1.5.3
        CALL PG to Writing Programs1.5.3
Interactive mode
        Convert3 Compatibility Guide9.1
Intercommunication between run-units PG to Writing Programs14.2.4
Interface Dialog System Char22.12
        for your application PG to Creating UIsCh19
        alternative GS with Object COBOL1.3.3
Interfacing PG to Writing ProgramsCh10
        32-bit/16-bit call conversion using C Set++ PG to Writing Programs10.6.8
        accessing non-COBOL data PG to Writing Programs10.7
        between 16-bit and 32-bit modules PG to Writing ProgramsCh9
        COBOL syntax PG to Writing Programs9.2.2
        environment PG to Writing Programs9.2 , Ch9
        guidlines PG to Writing Programs10.8.1.5
        restrictions on COBOL to C interfacing PG to Writing Programs10.6.1.8
        REXX PG to Writing Programs10.6.9
        run-time systems PG to Writing Programs9.2.1
        support for Windows V3 PG to Writing Programs10.8.1
        support routines PG to Writing Programs10.8
        to assembler subprograms PG to Writing Programs10.2
        with _Optlink routines PG to Writing Programs10.4
        with high-level languages PG to Writing Programs10.6
        with OS/2 API routines (32-bit) PG to Writing Programs10.3.4
Interfacing to
        Lattice C PG to Writing Programs10.6.7
        Microsoft C V4.0 PG to Writing Programs10.6.2
        Microsoft C V5.0 PG to Writing Programs10.6.2
        Microsoft C V6.0 PG to Writing Programs10.6.1
        Microsoft C/C++ V7.0 PG to Writing Programs10.6.1
        Microsoft FORTRAN V5.0 PG to Writing Programs10.6.4
        Microsoft FORTRAN V5.1 PG to Writing Programs10.6.5
        Microsoft PASCAL PG to Writing Programs10.6.6
        Microsoft Visual C++ V1.0 PG to Writing Programs10.6.3
        OS/2 API routines (16-bit) PG to Writing Programs10.3.2
        other products PG to Creating UIsCh18
        PowerBuilder PG to Creating UIs18.3
        Visual Basic PG to Creating UIs18.2 , 18.2.2
        Windows API routines PG to Writing Programs10.3.1
        Windows NT API routines PG to Writing Programs10.3.3
Intermediate code Object COBOL UG1.2.1 , 3.1.1
Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.1
GS with Object COBOL3.1.6
        creating portable PG to Writing Programs5.1.3
        vs native code PG to Writing Programs5.1.2
Intermediate code files
        compiling to Object COBOL UG4.2
Intermediate results Compatibility Guide1.3.1.5
Language Reference10.1.5.2 ,
Internal data Language Reference4.2.7
Internal file connector Language Reference4.2.7
Internal object Language Reference4.2.7
Internal register Dialog System Char9.1.2
International character set Compatibility Guide13.3
Internationalization Support PG to Writing ProgramsCh7
        key in Animator Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.7.2
        program execution in Animator Object COBOL Char Tools4.4.4
INTLEVEL Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
PG to Writing ProgramsCh5
INTO phrase Language Reference15.1.2 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.4 , 15.1.4
Intra-session animation Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.5
        COBANIM_2 environment variable Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.5.2
        COBSW environment variable Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.5.2
        error messages Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.5.3
        starting Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.5.2
intrins.cbl sample program PG to Writing Programs2.3
Intrinsic data OO Programming8.2 , 16.2 , Ch28
        clone class OO Programming28.2.1
        send message OO Programming8.2 , 16.2 , 28.2.2
        writing new classes OO Programming28.3
Intrinsic Function Module Language ReferenceCh11
Intrinsic functions
        coding PG to Writing Programs2.3
        in National Language Support PG to Writing Programs7.5.8
INVALID KEY condition Language Reference10. , , , 15.1.2 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.5 , 16.1.5 , 16.1.5 , 16.1.13 , 16.1.13 , 16.1.13
INVALID KEY phrase Language Reference12.1.11 , 12.1.11 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.5
Invoke OO Programming19.1
        sending a message OO Programming19.4
Invoke ... as OO Programming8.2 , 16.2 OO Programming28.2.2
        Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.1.1
        H2cpy PG to Writing Programs12.2.1
        Hyhelp Object COBOL Char Tools10.1.1.1
        Microsoft C V6 from COBOL PG to Writing Programs10.6.1.3
        Microsoft C/C++ V7 from COBOL PG to Writing Programs10.6.1.3
        work screen W02 in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.4.2
Invoking Dialog System Dialog System Char2.1
Invoking Rebuild Compatibility Guide3.1
IOCONV Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
.ipf file Object COBOL UG14.1
IPX Communications3.2.3
ISAM Compatibility Guide1.3.2.4
ISAM files Compatibility Guide1.3.1.2
isam_block_size run-time tunable Object COBOL UG12.3 , 12.3
isam_open_key_check run-time tunable Object COBOL UG12.3
        RM/COBOL Compatibility GuideCh7
        examples OO Programming8.4
        methods OO Programming8.4 , 27.6
Iterator methods OO Programming16.4
        examples OO Programming16.4

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