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Chapter 3: Object COBOL Tutorials (Windows & OS/2)

This chapter introduces you to the Object COBOL tutorials, which will help you to get started with OO programming in Object COBOL. The tutorials in this part of the book are aimed at Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and OS/2 users, and use the graphical tools available on these platforms. Some of the tutorials also use the GUI programming facilities available from the class library. Most of the principles taught in these tutorials apply equally to UNIX and to Windows and OS/2 platforms; however, the UNIX Object COBOL products do not support GUI programming.

3.1 Overview

The OO programming tutorials cover the following topics:

  1. The Class Browser

  2. Objects and Messages

  3. Writing a Class Program

  4. Inheritance

  5. Collections

  6. Exception Handling

  7. Requirements-based Vocabularies

  8. GUI Programming

All the tutorials contain both explanatory information and step-by-step instructions which take you through Object COBOL code using the Class Browser and Animator V2. All the text for the tutorials is available both on-line and in this manual.

3.2 Using the Tutorials

Whether you use the book or the on-line help to follow the tutorials, we recommend that you work through them in order. Each tutorial builds on the information in the earlier ones.

All the tutorials at some point require you to start the Class Browser or Animator V2 with particular example files loaded, which you can do from hotspots embedded in the on-line versions of the tutorials. Each of the on-line tutorials is started from an icon in the COBOL Workbench Tutorials group on your Windows or OS/2 PM desktop.

When you work through the tutorials, you will be told when to start the icon for that particular tutorial. This starts the on-line version of the tutorial. The first topic in every tutorial always contains the subheading Using This Tutorial, beneath which you will find one or more hotspots to start the Class Browser or Animator V2. The tutorial text will tell you when to select the hotspot.

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