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Chapter 1: What is Application Server Licensing?

You need a license to run an application developed using Micro Focus COBOL. The license is called the Application Server (AS) License. When you obtained Micro Focus Object COBOL Developer Suite or Application Server products, you should have received a card entitled Product License Certificate; this card identifies the number of licensed users, the product name (Application Server for UNIX) and the version (V4.1). If you require additional Application Server Licenses, contact your Micro Focus Account Representative or your Micro Focus licensed supplier for details on purchasing them.

You can use AppTrack to monitor the number of users running an application. AppTrack also includes a licence adminstration utility that enables you to install and maintain licences on your system.

Note: In this version of Object COBOL for UNIX, AppTrack is provided to enable you to use and evaluate the technology. You do not have to use AppTrack to install or monitor licenses. However, if you do want to evaluate AppTrack you must:

The number of AppTrack licenses should not exceed the number of users referenced in any Product License Certificates that you currently have.

All references to installing/uninstalling AS Licenses in this book refer to the licenses that you download from the AppTrack web site, not to the on-paper licenses.

You must not install the same AS License on more than one system at a time; to do so would break the terms of the license agreement. If you want to move an AS License from one system to another, you must uninstall it from the current system first.

If you have created an application that uses Application Server refer to the licensing agreement that accompanied your Micro Focus Development system.

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