Programmer's Guide to Creating User Interfaces

Table of Contents


Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Comparison of Methods for Creating User Interfaces

Part 2: Character User Interfaces

Chapter 2: Overview of Character User Interface Methods
Chapter 3: Low-level Routines for Character Interfaces
Chapter 4: Adis
Chapter 5: Adis Configuration Utility (Adiscf)
Chapter 6: Using Adiscf
Chapter 7: Keyboard Configuration Utility (Keybcf)
Chapter 8: Mouse Support for Character Interfaces
Chapter 9: Screens
Chapter 10: Using Screens
Chapter 11: Panels
Chapter 12: Using Panels
Chapter 13: Windowing Support for Text-based Systems

Part 3: Graphical User Interfaces

Chapter 14: Presentation Manager Applications (16-bit)
Chapter 15: Presentation Manager Applications (32-bit)
Chapter 16: Microsoft Windows Applications
Chapter 17: Microsoft Windows NT Applications
Chapter 18: Using GUIs from Third Party Tools
Chapter 19: Panels Version 2
Chapter 20: Using Panels Version 2

Part 4: User Interface Support Program

Chapter 21: Directory Facility V2
Chapter 22: On-line Help System

Part 5: Character Sets and Attributes

Chapter 23: IBM PC Character Set
Chapter 24: Generic Line Drawing
Chapter 25: IBM PC Display Attributes
Chapter 26: Generic Display Attributes


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