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Chapter 1: Introduction

Micro Focus Object COBOL is a complete COBOL application development system. This Object COBOL Character Tools contains descriptions for the character tools in Micro Focus Object COBOL. There is also an overview of its facilities in your Getting Started.

1.1 Overview

The main character tools of Object COBOL are presented to you through the Object COBOL Development Environment (ODE)

The following character tools are provided in Object COBOL for UNIX.

Adis Configuration Utility
COBOL Source Information
Directory Facility
Keyboard Configuration Utility
On-line Help System
Object COBOL Development Environment
Structure Animator
UNIX Session Recorder

The tools Adis Configuration Utility, Keyboard Configuration Utility and Screens are documented in your Programmer's Guide to Creating User Interfaces.

1.2 How to Use This Manual

Each chapter in this book (except for this Introduction) is dedicated to a system component. The chapters are ordered alphabetically to help you to readily locate information. To find the chapter on a particular component, you can either use the main Table of Contents or flip through the book until you find the relevant chapter title shown on the right-hand edge of each page.

1.2.1 Structure

Each chapter begins with a brief abstract describing the function of the component followed by these sections:

Some chapters may contain some additional sections which give detailed information of a nonoperational nature. Help Information

On-line help is available with this system. The On-line Reference provides a large amount of the reference information contained in the system documentation. It can be accessed via the operating system prompt, or by pressing hot-key Alt+1 from Animator or Editor. Full details on the use of the On-line Help System are provided in the chapter On-line Help.

You can also get context-sensitive help by pressing F1=Help from any menu in this COBOL system.

1.3 Environments

This COBOL system, or an equivalent, is available from Micro Focus for many environments, including DOS, Windows, Windows NT, OS/2 and most variants of UNIX. Programs written on one system can be moved to other systems provided certain portability rules are followed.

The run-time system and native code generators are tailored separately to each environment. However, they are all based on technologies for one of the following:

The following COBOL systems are available from Micro Focus:

All these systems run on the environments shown, and enable you to create applications to run on the same environments. In addition, the 16-bit COBOL system runs on OS/2 and Windows NT, but gives poorer performance than the 32-bit COBOL system.

If you are developing applications for OS/2 or Windows NT, then we recommend that you use the 32-bit COBOL system. This is particulary beneficial if you are creating large programs, or doing mixed language programming.

See the Preface for an explanation of how references to the different environments are shown throughout this book.

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