Object COBOL Character Tools


Table of Contents

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Save Analysis
Saving memory in Forms-2
Scale Up/Down
        output recording , 12.3.2
        recording multiple output screens
        selecting type in Forms-2
Screen files  12.3.3
Screen image
        files in Forms-2 , 8.2.8
        Forms-2  8.2
Screen layout
        Forms-2 translates to COBOL  8.2
        using Enhanced ACCEPT/DISPLAY  Ch8
        using Forms-2  Ch8
        verification  8.2
Screen output recording  12.3.2
        multiple screens
Screen Section
        locating  5.4
        counting  5.3.4
SCREENPAGE Animator directive  A.2.1..3
Screens  2.5.1
        compared with Forms- 2  Ch8
Search function in Hyhelp
        counting  5.3.4
        files  Ch6
        screen type in Forms-2
Seq-numbers  5.5.3
SEQCHK Compiler directive
Sequence numbers
        RESEQ Animator directive  A.2.1..3
Session names, specifying
Session Recorder  Ch12
Show-analyzer CSI option  5.5.1
Show-thru CSI option  5.5.1
Sn command in Forms-2
.Snn files in Forms-2
Snn files in Forms-2
Sort items  5.4
Source lines
        counting  5.3.4
        locating  5.4 , 5.4
        tagging  5.4
Source listing in CSI
Space command in Forms-2
Specifying output files in Forms-2 ,
        counting  5.3.4
STRUCT Compiler directive , 11.2.1 , 11.2.1
        changing window  11.3
        query menu  11.3
Structure Animator , Ch11
        display  11.3
        invoking  11.2.2
        preparing programs for  11.2.1
Structure diagrams
        changing the color  11.4.4
        moving around  11.4.3
        printer configurations  11.5
        printing  11.4.5 , 11.5.9
        setting off  11.3
        setting on  11.3
Structure/code toggle  11.3
        common  11.4.1
        returning from  11.4.1
Suppressing Forms-2 output file generation
Switching modes in Forms-2
Syntax check
        Editor  7.5