14.1 Creating Users in iManager

  1. Start a browser and point to http:// ip_address_of_server/nps/iManager.html.

    For example,

  2. Accept the certificate, enter the Administrator account/password and eDirectory tree, and click Login.

    IMPORTANT:Contextless logins using iManager can lead to unexpected results if you try logging in as an administrator. An administrator object exists for every domain and you might accidently attempt to log in as an administrator of an domain where you lack sufficient access. For more information about Contextless logins, see “Contextless Login Using Alternate Object Classes and/or Alternate Attributes” in the iManager Admin guide .

  3. Under Roles and Tasks, select Directory Administration > Create Object.

  4. Select the User object class and click OK.

  5. Specify the user account information, specify the context, and click OK.

Users created anywhere in the domain (partition) are automatically provisioned for DSfW. Additional information you specify for each user, such as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, can also be viewed and modified in MMC. However, attributes that are specific to eDirectory can not be managed in MMC.

NOTE:If an administrator changes the primary group of the user objects, the gidNumber and primaryGroupID attributes might not be synchronized. LUM refers to the gidNumber, and Samba depends on the primaryGroupId. File system access issues might occur if they are not synchronized.