7.7 Logging

The Log Messages pane in the Provisioning Wizard displays the details and status of events happening in the background during the execution of each task.

The log details are displayed on the GUI and also logged in the /var/opt/novell/xad/log/provisioning.log file.

The details that are recorded in the log file are:

  • The status of each task.

  • The status of health check operations

  • The output, error messages, and warnings printed by utilities such as ldapsearch, and ldapconfig.

Tasks return a zero value on success and specific error codes on failure. These error codes provide useful information for debugging purposes.

Table 7-4 Error Code Identifiers

Error Codes



Remote Server Health Check


DNS Server Status


Bad Address Cache


Purger Execution


Top Level Container Check


eDirectory Server Status

In addition to the provisioning.log file that contains information on tasks executed through the Provisioning Wizard, you can use the following log files for debugging purposes:

Table 7-5 Additional Log Files

Log file

What it Contains


Contains details about health check process


Contains log messages from the install framework. Details recorded include:

  • Commands executed

  • Success or failure of each operation

  • Pre and post check operation details.