11.2 Validating the Schema Update

When the schema level is updated to AD 2019, new objects and attribute definitions are added. In the following example, a sample attribute msds-preferredDataLocation is used for validating the schema update. For comparison you can use another DSfW server as a reference server which is at AD2019 level.

  1. On updating to AD 2019, the attribute msds-preferredDataLocation is available in the /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/schema.log file.

  2. Verify all the services are running by using the command #xadcntrl status.

  3. Log in to iManager using the domain or eDirectory credential.

  4. Click Roles & Tasks > Schema > Attribute Information.

    The following new attributes are added in the domain from AD 2019:

    • msds-preferredDataLocation

    The following new attributes are added in the domain from AD 2016:

    • msds-DeviceLocation

    • msds-KeyCredentialLink-BL

    • msds-RegistrationQuota

    • msds-CloudsEnabled

  5. Export the schema on the server by using the command:

    # ldapsearch -b cn=schema -s base -x -o ldif-wrap=200 >/tmp/after-schema-upgrade.

  6. Verify the dump file after-schema-upgrade for new attributes. These attributes are not available in the schema dump of the reference server.

  7. Verify the attribute msds-preferredDataLocation associated with the new user.

    In iManager, click View Objects > Tree > Domain Partition > Users > Any sample user created using mmc > Other. The attribute msds-preferredDataLocation is available.