2.1 What’s New or Changed in Domain Services for Windows (OES 2018 SP3)

In addition to bug fixes, Domain Services for Windows (DSfW) provides the following enhancements and changes in OES 2018 SP3.

DSfW Integration with Filr

DSfW supports FiLR integration. When DSfW and FiLR are synchronized, DSfW users can access FiLR services. DSfW server provides backend authentication and storage with three methods:

  • NSS AD as the storage backend for DSfW and Filr

  • Windows as the storage backend for DSfW and Filr

  • NetApp as the storage backend for DSfW and Filr

Different types of Filr deployment such as small deployment, large deployment, and expandable deployment can synchronize with DSfW servers, NetApp and NSSAD as a storage backend. To create LDAP sync proxy user in Filr refer, Section 14.3, Creating Filr LDAP Proxy Users

DSfW Integration with NetIQ Advanced Authentication

DSfW supports Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities by integrating with NetIQ’s Advanced Authentication. This provides more security to the workstations, which are joined to DSfW domain. MFA is supported with Windows and MAC workstations.

novell-oes-samba Stack Update

The novell-oes-samba stack in OES 2018 SP2 was on samba 4.6. In this release, the two versions are aligned by updating novell-oes-samba to 4.10 version. The protocol stack remains as SMB 2.

Schema Update

DSfW offers updated schema level as Microsoft Windows server 2019. There is no functional level change in Windows server 2019 nor in DSfW.

Third Party Support

DSfW now supports domain join and file access for NetApp ONTAP 9.9.1.

Enhancement of Healthcheck Script and Integration to supportconfig on DSfW Servers

Added more checks based on regular encountered customer issues. OES 2018S P3 checks include sites and subnet, strict check of ndsd ports like UDP over 389 and 636, and if correct nmas-methods are deployed. smb.conf file is also validated for new parameters. Subset of the script is also integrated to supportconfig tool. The link to download Healthcheck script is .

Install JC through MSI

DNS-DHCP management console is packaged as Microsoft installers for Windows 64 and 32-bit machines. It can be managed using Programs and Features in Windows systems.DNS-DHCP management console is enhanced with an auto-populate feature for login dialogue. The feature pulls past users corresponding to Server IP for login.