10.11 Configuring Resource Priorities for Load Order

Cluster resource priorities control the load order of a resource relative to other cluster resources on the same cluster node when bringing up a cluster, or during a failover or failback. This is useful for ensuring that the most critical resources load first and are available to users before less critical resources.

The Resource Priority setting controls the order in which multiple resources start on a given node when the cluster is brought up or during a failover or failback. For example, if a node fails and two resources fail over to another node, the resource priority determines which resource loads first.

  1. In iManager, select Clusters > My Clusters.

  2. Select the cluster that you want to manage.

    If the cluster does not appear in your list, add the cluster to your list as described in Section 8.2, Setting Up a Personalized List of Clusters to Manage.

  3. Select the Cluster Options tab.

  4. On the Cluster Options page, click the Properties button above the Cluster Objects table to view the Cluster Properties dialog box.

  5. In the Cluster Properties dialog box, click the Priorities tab.

  6. Use either of the following methods to change the load order (from highest priority to lowest priority) of a resource relative to other cluster resources on the same node:

    • Arrows: Select a resource in the list by clicking on it, then click the up-arrow or down-arrow buttons to move the resource up or down in the list. The page refreshes between each click on an arrow.

    • Edit: Open the Resource Priority Edit function by clicking the Edit pen icon, list the resources in the preferred load order with one resource per line, then click OK to accept the revised order.

      Be careful to not alter the names of the resources while editing the list.

  7. Click Apply or OK to save changes and close the Cluster Properties dialog box.