9.5 Responding to a Start, Failover, or Failback Alert

You might receive an alert () for a resource if you have configured the resource’s Start mode, Failover mode, or Failback mode settings to Manual. The alert types correspond to the mode setting:

  • Start Alert

  • Failover Alert

  • Failback Alert

The resource is waiting for the administrator to intervene to start, fail over, or fail back the resource on the specified server.

If you attempt to offline a resource that is in the Start Alert state, nothing happens and the following message is displayed:

This operation cannot be completed. It is only available when the resource is in an offline state.

You must clear the Start Alert before you can offline the resource. After the resource is offline, you can online the resource.

To respond to an alert:

  1. In iManager, select Clusters > My Clusters.

    If the cluster you want to manage does not appear in your list, add the cluster to your list as described in Section 8.2, Setting Up a Personalized List of Clusters to Manage.

  2. In your personalized list of clusters, a critical () status for a cluster indicates that a resource might be in a comatose state and require administrator intervention. Click the resource name to manage the resource.

  3. On the Cluster Manager page, select the check box next to the resource that has the alert, then click Respond to Alert.

  4. On the Respond to Alert page, click Yes, No, or Cancel to perform the desired action for the selected resource’s alert state.

  5. After clearing a Start Alert, go to the Cluster Manager page, select the check box next to the resource, then click Offline. After the resource is offline, select the check box again and click Online to bring the resource online.