15.22 Error 499 - Could not delete this resource Data_Server

When you try to delete a cluster resource, you get a message “Could Not Delete This Resource Data_Server (Error 499). The error means that the object does not exist in eDirectory. This error can occur if you try to delete an orphaned cluster resource. An orphaned cluster resource does not have a pool or volume associated with it, does not have an IP address, and the scripts are empty.

To delete an orphaned cluster resource:

  1. On the master node of the cluster, open a terminal as the root user. At the command prompt, enter the following commands:

    /opt/novell/ncs/bin/ncs-configd.py -init

    and if the resource is still there,

    echo -n "exec rm -f /var/opt/novell/ncs/data_server.*" > /proc/ncs/cluster