1.3 Product Features

OES Cluster Services includes several important features to help you ensure and manage the availability of your network resources:

  • Support for shared SCSI, iSCSI, or Fibre Channel storage subsystems. Shared disk fault tolerance can be obtained by implementing RAID on the shared disk subsystem.

  • Multi-node all-active cluster (up to 32 nodes). Any server in the cluster can restart resources (applications, services, IP addresses, and file systems) from a failed server in the cluster.

  • A single point of administration through the browser-based Micro Focus iManager, which allows you to remotely manage the cluster. You can use the Clusters plug-in to manage and monitor clusters and cluster resources, and to configure the settings and scripts for cluster resources.

  • The ability to tailor a cluster to the specific applications and hardware infrastructure that fit your organization.

  • Dynamic assignment and reassignment of server storage as needed.

  • The ability to use email to automatically notify administrators of cluster events and cluster state changes.