8.11 Viewing or Modifying the NCS Proxy User Assignment in the NCS Management Group

When you configure a cluster, the NCS Management Group (<cluster_name>_MGT_GRP) is created in the Cluster object container. The group contains the user that you specify for the NCS Proxy User on the Proxy User Configuration page as described in Step 3 in Section 5.5.5, Configuring a New Cluster:

  • OES Common Proxy User

  • LDAP Admin User

  • Another administrator user

The specified user is automatically added as a member of the group. If you specify the OES Common Proxy User, each nodes’ OES Common Proxy User is added to the group.

If the OES Common Proxy User is later disabled in eDirectory for a node, the LDAP Admin user automatically replaces that user in the group.

You can view a list of members in the <cluster_name>_MGT_GRP in iManager. Select the Directory Administration > Modify Object function in iManager, then search for the group.

IMPORTANT:Do not attempt use the Modify Object page to add or remove members of the <cluster_name>_MGT_GRP group. You must use the /opt/novell/ncs/install/ncs_install.py script to add or remove members.

You can modify the users assigned as the NCS Proxy User by using the /opt/novell/ncs/install/ncs_install.py script. You are prompted for the distinguished user name and password for the user that you want to assign. The specified user is added to the group, and the old user is removed from the group.

  1. Log in to the server as the root user, then open a terminal console.

  2. At the command prompt, enter

    /opt/novell/ncs/install/ncs_install.py -l -u

    In addition, you can change other configurations by providing a configuration file (such as /root/ncs.conf) to the above command. You must create the file and its content before issuing the command. For example:

    /opt/novell/ncs/install/ncs_install.py -l -f /root/ncs.conf -u
  3. When you are prompted, provide the comma-delimited distinguished name of the user to be assigned to the NCS_Management group, such as

  4. When you are prompted, provide the password for the user you specified.