5.10 Removing a Node from a Cluster

You can use the procedure in this section to permanently remove a cluster node from the cluster. You must remove information about the node, even if you will replace the old server with a new server that has the same node name and IP address.

To delete a cluster node from a cluster:

  1. Log in as the root user to the node in the cluster that you want to remove, then enter the following at a command prompt:

    cluster leave

    When the node has successfully left the cluster, the following message is displayed:

    No longer a member of cluster cluster_name
  2. In a web browser, open iManager, then log in to the eDirectory tree that contains the cluster you want to manage.

    IMPORTANT:Log in as an administrator user who has sufficient rights in eDirectory to delete and modify eDirectory objects.

  3. In iManager, delete the node’s Cluster Node object from the cluster container:

    IMPORTANT:If you plan to again add the node that is being deleted to the cluster later, it is recommended to take a note of the node number from the cluster configuration report before continuing with deletion. For information on how to generate the cluster configuration report, Section 9.9, Generating a Cluster Configuration Report.

    1. Select Directory Administration > Delete Objects.

    2. Browse to the Cluster container ( Cluster Container object icon) of the cluster, locate and select the Cluster Node object ( Cluster Node object icon) for the node in the container, then click OK.

    3. On the Delete Objects page, click OK, then click OK again to confirm the deletion of the Cluster Node object.

  4. Select Directory Administration > Modify Object, select the eDirectory Server object for the node that is being removed from the cluster, remove its NCS attributes, then click OK to save and apply your changes.

  5. If the deleted cluster node persists in iManager, run the following command as the root user on the master node first and then on all the slave nodes that are a member of the cluster. It is safe to run the command on an active cluster:

    /opt/novell/ncs/bin/ncs-configd.py -init 
  6. (Optional) Build a replacement server with the same node name and IP address, and add it to the cluster. See Section 5.11, Adding a Single Node That Was Previously in a Cluster.

IMPORTANT:When a node is removed temporarily from the cluster for rebuilding it, you must not extend the cluster with an additional node to avoid the new node getting the node number of the temporarily removed node.