1.12 Managing File Systems in Mixed-Mode Clusters

In a mixed cluster of NetWare and OES nodes, Linux POSIX file systems as cluster resources cannot be created until the entire cluster had been successfully converted to OES Linux POSIX file systems as cluster resources cannot be migrated or failed over to NetWare cluster nodes.

Only NSS pool cluster resources that are created on a NetWare cluster node can be failed over between Linux and NetWare nodes of a mixed-mode cluster.

NetWare-to-Linux failover of NSS pool cluster resources requires that the Linux node be configured for NSS.

No storage management functions should be executed in a mixed-mode cluster unless you are performing documented steps for the conversion. That is, do not create, delete, expand, or modify the properties for partitions, pools, or volumes for shared resources in the cluster unless the conversion instructions specifically guide you to do so.

WARNING:Attempting to reconfigure shared storage in a mixed cluster can cause data loss.

If you need to configure (or reconfigure) existing shared NSS pools and volumes in a mixed-mode cluster, you must temporarily bring down all Linux cluster nodes prior to making changes, then make the configuration changes on a NetWare node. Ensure that the resources are working properly on NetWare before having the Linux cluster nodes rejoin the cluster.