3.5 Monitoring Configuration Parameters

Use the following commands to set a particular configuration parameter of AFP:

Table 3-3 Configuration Parameters Monitoring command options



-o, --conf-params

Lists all AFP configuration parameters.

If you change the AFP server parameters through iManager, reload the AFP service by running rcnovell-afptcpd reload command before you run novafp -o or novafp --conf-params command options.


Sets an authentication method. The default authentication mode is DHX2.


Sets the minimum number of threads that should be set for the afptcpd daemon to start. The number should be between 3 and 32. The default value is 3.


Sets the maximum number of threads. The number should be between 4 and 512. The default value is 32.


Sets the number of minutes the AFP server waits before attempting to reconnect. The minimum waiting time is 2 minutes and can extend to 1440 minutes. The default value is 1440 minutes.


Sets the AFP versions that the AFP server can support. The default value is All.

-r all|default|no, --rights=all|default|no

Sets the sharing rights. The default option is no.


Sets the log levels for the AFP server to log messages.

-g yes|no, --guest-login=yes|no

Allows guest login.

-U USER_NAME, --guest-user=USER_NAME

Sets a guest user name.

-w yes|no, --no-manage-world-rights=yes|no

Enables or disables No Manage World Rights.


Enables or disables the AFP server to audit and log authentication process and configuration parameters changes.

-e yes|no, --export-all-volumes=yes|no

Enables or disables NSS volume export.

-s yes|no, --subtree-search=yes|no

Enables or disables subtree search. By default, this option is disabled.