5.2 Installing AFP after OES Installation

If you did not install OES AFP Services during the OES installation, you can install it later by using YaST > Open Enterprise Server > OES Install and Configuration.

  1. Open the YaST Control Center. In the left panel under Groups section, click Open Enterprise Server, then click. OES Install and Configuration to open the Software Selection page.

  2. Select OES AFP, then click Accept.

    After the install is finished, YaST displays a summary page indicating that AFP configuration is enabled. All the configured services are disabled on this page.

  3. Select AFP to go to the configuration page.

  4. Browse or specify a user (existing or created here) with rights to search the LDAP tree for AFP objects.

    If you selected the Use Common Proxy User as default for OES Products check box during eDirectory configuration, the Proxy user name and password fields are auto-populated. If a common proxy is not configured, the AFP Proxy User Name field is populated with a system-generated proxy user name.

  5. Click Next to continue.