4.2 Generating Reports

The report feature of the Health Monitor lets you generate a report that can be displayed on the screen or saved as a comma-separated-value (.csv) file that can be used in a spreadsheet program.

  1. On the iPrint Manager Health Monitor main page, click Advanced iPrint Manager Information > Generate Report.

  2. Select the information you want included in the report by selecting the corresponding check boxes.

  3. (Optional) If you want to save the report as a file, select the Write Results to File check box.

  4. Click Generate Report.

The following are some common reports that you might want to generate:

Printer Configurations. To determine what features are enabled for each Printer Agent, select the following:

  • SSL Required for iPrint Access

  • Auditing Enabled

Printer’s Current State. To view the states of the printers and any printer console messages, select the following:

  • Printer Agent Status

  • Printer Agent State Reasons

  • Printer Console

Printing Statistics. To view statistics about your print system, select the following:

  • Jobs Printed Ever

  • Jobs Printed Since Load

  • Jobs Printed Today

  • Average Job Size Since Load

  • Average Job Size Today

Gateway Information. To view information about a gateway associated with the Printer Agents including the gateway’s IP address, select the following:

  • Gateway Load String

Printer Driver Associations. To view the printer drivers associated with each printer, select the following:

  • Windows 95/98 Driver

  • Windows NT4 Driver

  • Windows 2000 Driver

  • Windows Vista Driver

  • Windows 7 Driver

  • Windows 8/8.1/10 Driver

Printer and Printer Agent Associations. Because a Printer Agent can service more than one printer, use the Associated NDS Printers option to view the number of printers serviced by each Printer Agent.

Creating a Baseline of Your Print System. After your print system is configured, you can create a baseline report by selecting all report items. This baseline report should be saved. Then you can use the report to periodically compare statistics, re-create a Printer Agent, and track changes to your print system.