4.3 Configuring Health Monitor Settings

You can configure settings in the Health Monitor to control the overall health indicator, Current iPrint Manager Status, displayed on the Health Monitor’s home page. The default settings are sufficient for most print systems. You should modify these settings only if there is a compelling reason or if instructed by OES Support.

  1. On the iPrint Manager Health Monitor main page, click Advanced iPrint Manager Information > Configure Settings and Error Thresholds.

  2. Click the setting you want to adjust, then modify these settings:

    Table 4-1 Confuguring Settings and Thresholds



    Current Event Log Size

    Displays the current size of the event log file in kilobytes.

    Maximum Event Log File Size

    Sets the maximum file size for the event log. When the indicated file size is reached, the log file is restarted. If you change the event log file size, click Apply File Size Limit for the change to take affect.

    Configure Monitoring Thresholds

    Displays links to configuration pages where error definitions and thresholds can be set.