5.6 Troubleshooting iPrint Manager Health Issues

If the iPrint Manager Health Monitor shows that the iPrint Manager is suspect (yellow) or in an error (red) state, click Advanced iPrint Manager Information. Use the following flow chart and the color coding in the Health Monitor to determine where the iPrint Manager health issues exist and resolve those issues.

Figure 5-7 Flowchart to Troubleshoot Print Manager Issues

5.6.1 Check Advanced iPrint Manager Information

Click Advanced iPrint Manager Information to display the iPrint Manager summary page.

5.6.2 Check for Problem Interfaces

Review the current status of the interfaces. If an interface has entered an error state, select the interface and determine what operations have caused it to enter the error state.

  1. Any parameters highlighted? If yes, click and determine what statistics are irregular.

  2. Check latest events for an Unknown Object error, which indicates the Printer object does not exist.

  3. Check excessive time needed for events.

The key interfaces to check are the Client and eDirectory™ interfaces. Check these to see which operations are being done and which operations are using excessive time. You can check the latest event log for more information on the events that have transpired. If you have secure printing turned on, the iPrint Manager must communicate with NDS to obtain the effective rights for a user submitting a print job to a specific printer. If NDS is not healthy, some operations fail or use excessive time.

You should also look at the iPrint Manager Internal information for operations that might be affecting the iPrint Manager database.