3.8 Debug Options

These options provide advanced information of the iPrint Manager and it is used by the OES Technical Support team when debugging issues.

Figure 3-12 Debug Options Page

3.8.1 Debug Screen Options

Use this page to enable logging of the debug information for iPrint Manager. Select the parameters for which you want to log the information, then click Apply.

IMPORTANT:When these options are enabled, the iPrint manager logs extensive information in the debug.log file. The log file size is limited to your disk space.

3.8.2 Debug PA Handle

For every printer agent under the printer manager, there exists an identification handle. The Debug PA Handle menu lists all the PA handles for a particular print manager.

3.8.3 Gateway Info

Printer hardwares in a zone communicate with the printer agent through a gateway. The Gateway Info menu lists the general details of the gateway that a particular printer agent uses.

3.8.4 Thread Info

Whenever you start an action using OES iPrint, one new action thread is created to handle your user request. Some threads deal with maintenance processes and some threads deal with printer tasks. The Thread Info menu lists the details of all the threads for a particular printer agent.

3.8.5 Repair Profile Associations

Use this option to set right corrupter profile associations for a particular printer agent.

3.8.6 Remove Orphan Job Records

Removes corrupted print job records. The log file located at /var/opt/oes/log/iprint/ipsmd.log contains information about the orphan job records.